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Thursday, February 2, 2012

At least now I have clean toilets.

This is exactly what I told my mother this morning. She had called to ask to borrow my shower to get ready and I, being the wonderful daughter that I am, said that of course she could. I also warned her that my apartment is something akin to a disaster zone at present and she may want to wear her hazmat suit. I'm kidding, it's not that bad.  It is a complete wreck, though. So as I got ready for work I rushed around trying to clean up and realized that she would be spending most of her time there in my bathroom. I grabbed the scrubbin' bubbles and got to work. I was only a few minutes late getting out the door but as I got the the parking lot my phone buzzed with a text.

"Not coming, I look wonderful."

So you see I get my gracious humility honestly? But at least now my toilets are clean.

It has been a very long week. There have been two deaths in my extended family and I have been super unproductive at work because I'm immensely distracted by all sorts of things. Overwhelmed doesn't even scratch the surface. I'm letting go of somethings and pouring more of my time into others but I'm still settling into a new routine that will hopefully give me a little more room to breath once the dust settles.

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McKenzie said...

Yay for clean toilets! It's always nice to have clean ones, haha.

I am very sorry to hear about the deaths in your family, it is so hard to lose someone close to you. My thoughts go out to you and your family.

I am looking forward to following your new blog!

Babes Mami said...

Awww I'm sorry for the deaths, I had no idea. :[

Hooray clean toilets!! The apartment maintenance man came to fix something today and I was rushing around cleaing...because 5-6pm is clean up/wind down with Babe time. I think he thought I was doing it for him haha