Hi Everyone! Feel free to puruse the archives while you are here, but I hope you will visit me at my new site, Secrets of a Sweet Southern Girl and follow me there. I no longer blog here.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Final Goodbye

I just wanted to post one last time! I'm now blogging at Secrets of a Sweet Southern Girl and you can find me there. All of my social media links are there for you, and I hope you will keep in touch! 

I've got 6 giveaways this week, 5 are already happening and one more will begin tomorrow. Come on over to enter and I hope to see you on the flip side!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

3 Giveaways so far!

It's day three of my new site Secrets of a Sweet Southern Girl, I know I'm sounding redundant but I don't want to leave anyone behind! So far you can enter to win...

And there is more to come! Follow the links to my new site to enter. I hope everyone is switching their feeds, I don't want to lose you all!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

New Site Giveaways!

Today is my second day at the new site, Secrets of a Sweet Southern Girl! Yesterday I posted a giveaway for a Custom Design Ring, and today Cleis Press is giving away TWO copies of Best Erotic Romance!

Go check them out and switch your RSS feeds!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's been one hell of a ride!

Well everyone, my time here at Scandal in the Choir Loft is coming to an end, but have no fear! I'm relocating to Secrets of a Sweet Southern Girl! I will continue to do product/book reviews and host writing contests. I will also be resurrecting Monday Mornings with Missie and starting a new feature called Talk to Me Tuesday where I will be featuring other bloggers. I'm very excited about the move. This blog has run it's course and while I still consider myself to be a bit scandalous, I've calmed down a lot in the past year and I want my online life to reflect that.


So without further ado! Today is my first day at the new site! I am hosting a giveaway for one of my custom design rings. So go check it out, subscribe or follow the new site and help me spread the word that I am outta here!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sexy Saturday Read: Take Me There

Take Me There
by Tristan Taormino
Published by Cleis Press
Provided by Babeland.com for Review

From Goodreads:

Take Me There is a passion project for Tristan Taormino, who presents erotica by, for, and about transfolk, FTMs, MTFs, genderqueers, gender outlaws, as well as two-spirit, intersex, and gender-variant people in her newest anthology. Among the diverse array of voices inTake Me There, one important theme running throughout the stories is the power of seeing and being seen. It’s not simply about passing, but about being acknowledged and desired in a sexual context. Affirmation and want collide in Andrea Zanin’s story of a baby butch dyke and the transwoman she picks up in a small-town cafĂ©. Likewise, the main character in Helen Boyd’s “All Girl Action” longs to be touched as a woman by other queer women. The characters of these stories are ready and willing to go there — and they do, over and over again.

My Thoughts:

I have to admit that I didn't completely read the book's description before requesting it for review. I've never read trans or genderqueer erotica before so it was a very different experience for me. The writing was pretty incredible though. Even though I'm a hetero female I still enjoyed the writing and the emotion in the stories. So  I think it was well written and really covered a genre that I haven't ever really seen before. For anyone who enjoys this cross section of erotica I definitely recommend it!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

At least now I have clean toilets.

This is exactly what I told my mother this morning. She had called to ask to borrow my shower to get ready and I, being the wonderful daughter that I am, said that of course she could. I also warned her that my apartment is something akin to a disaster zone at present and she may want to wear her hazmat suit. I'm kidding, it's not that bad.  It is a complete wreck, though. So as I got ready for work I rushed around trying to clean up and realized that she would be spending most of her time there in my bathroom. I grabbed the scrubbin' bubbles and got to work. I was only a few minutes late getting out the door but as I got the the parking lot my phone buzzed with a text.

"Not coming, I look wonderful."

So you see I get my gracious humility honestly? But at least now my toilets are clean.

It has been a very long week. There have been two deaths in my extended family and I have been super unproductive at work because I'm immensely distracted by all sorts of things. Overwhelmed doesn't even scratch the surface. I'm letting go of somethings and pouring more of my time into others but I'm still settling into a new routine that will hopefully give me a little more room to breath once the dust settles.

Housekeeping Notes: My new site is up! I will start blogging there on Sunday the 5th! You can go ahead and add www.sweet-southern-girl.com to your readers and follow me on twitter @SSG_Danielle. There is also FB and G+ and you can find those links on the main page.

I'm also looking for someone who wants to talk about love, romance, or your own Happily Ever After for a feature post on Valentine's day. If anyone is interested just shoot me an e-mail at danielle{at}sweet-southern-girl{dot}com