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Friday, January 27, 2012

Twitter Blackout?

Now don't get excited! 
(That's a phrase my grandpa and dad use when I'm getting worked up about things that don't really affect me.)

But are we (collective society) jumping the gun by calling for a twitter blackout?

I might be stirring a pot, and if anyone has information other than what I've read I'm happy to be corrected.

What I'm hearing is that in the past there have been entire countries where twitter couldn't really be used because of the government's censorship laws.

Twitter has come up with a way to allow people in those countries to use twitter while still complying with the laws of that country.

These tweets/accounts are not deleted, but rather a message that reads something like "Your government won't let us show you this content" shows up instead.

Now for those of us here in the US, it's not going to change anything. And anyone using twitter can still say what they want to say, but some people can't see it because of their governments laws.

So for people in said countries the options are no twitter or limited twitter.

Is this not correct?

Don't get me wrong, I hate censorship too and I think the countries that enforce it are wrong to do so.

But can we hold twitter accountable for the laws in other countries?

Shouldn't we be glad that those people have a way to use this social media outlet even if is restricted, as opposed to not being able to use it at all?

I'll even site my sources that led me to form this opinion. I read THIS article on Huffington Post. Then THIS announcement on the twitter blog, and THIS section in the twitter policies.

I am happy for you to disagree with me if you a) know what you're talking about, b) have some sited source that backs you up, and c) do it respectfully.

So there's what I'm thinking. Tell me what you think. Or if you don't think. Or if you, like me, figure it won't affect you anyway because you don't usually use twitter on Saturday?

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