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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sporadic Much?

I'm being so inconsistent lately, I hope you'll power through this with me. I'm working on fun things for the next step, and reposting MWM so that I can continue it after the switch.

Speaking of the big switch! I bought my new domain (Squee!) and I already have three committed giveaways for the week of the changeover! I'm planning the next writing contest, and I'm getting to know Missie and Gina again!

I needed a re-boot and I'm really excited about getting it all going again.

I've mentioned this once, but so far no response. I wanted to do a "confessions" post with some of your scandalous secrets, but I haven't gotten any response yet. If I get enough response to put the feature together I'm going to draw a name from the submissions and give them a $25 GC to EdenFantasys.com because I'm awesome like that. If I don't get at least five though it won't be worth it.

So send me your secrets! scandalinthechoirloft{at}gmail{dot}com

ALSO, I'm participating in Steph and Jayme's awesome Flab to Fit Challenge and if you haven't read about it, and you've got some weight to lose, check it out! You can find details HERE.

Then there is the shameless Check out the New Etsy Listings link, because this is a mish-mash post with a little of everything :)


Babes Mami said...

I don't have any secrets to share! Thanks for the flab to fab plug!!

The Bipolar Diva said...

you know all my secrets.... :(