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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review: Koa Ring by Picobong

Koa Ring
Manufactured by Picobong
Provided by Babeland.com

From Babeland:

Slip the Koa Ring from Picobong over a finger, and you'll be ready for delightful vibrating action. When worn on a dildo, Koa provides a hands-free horizontal surface for vibration against the clit; when worn on a finger, you can position it any which way you like! Try Koa's smooth silicone surface against the clit, labia, perineum, balls, nipples... you're limited only by your imagination. Waterproof up to three feet.

This product has a one-year warranty against breakage or defects.

My Thoughts:

This little vibe packs a punch. It was the perfect size and shape for self stimulation. The buttons weren't super easy to press during use as they are on the body of the toy. Once I adjusted the speed where I liked it though it was a quick and easy ride to the goal ;)

The Koa Ring is designed so that it can be held by the ring or worn around the penis (or on a dildo) to provide clitoral stimulation during sex. (Or that was what I thought. I later read that it wasn't supposed to be used this way? Unfortunately that was the whole reason I wanted to try it.) As a couples toy the Koa Ring fell short for us. You can see in the picture the ring is a little off center and it was nearly impossible for us to adjust the toy so that it lined up the way it was supposed to. While J swears it didn't hurt, I think he was just being agreeable because it looked like it was pinching. It ended up being an annoyance and a hindrance to sex for us. As a fun toy to use for nipple play or hands on clitoral stimulation, it wasn't bad.

The silicone cover and design made it aesthetically pleasing, and the Koa Ring is waterproof (always a plus!). For me though, it just wasn't my favorite, mainly because it didn't really work for me the way it was intended to.

That was just my opinion though! I tried to find some positive reviews out there but I didn't have much luck aside from on-site reviews. If you have a positive review of this product or know of one feel free to leave a link in the comments below.

If you wanna try the Koa Ring for yourself go check it out at Babeland.com!

This product was provided to me free of charge by babeland.com in exchange for a honest unbiased review. Want to review sex toys? Go HERE for more information!

This post contains affiliate links. This is no way effects my opinion of the product.

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