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Monday, January 30, 2012

Review: BSwish BWarm Candle

BWarm Candle
Manufactured by BSwish
Provided for review by Vibrator.com

My Thoughts:

This massage candle was impressive in a lot of ways. I love the shape of the container. The tall cupped back allowed me to easily pour the wax without making a mess. I absolutely loved that. The scent wasn't very strong while it was burning, but once we poured the wax out for use the fragrance was stronger. Not that it was too strong, we loved it. I received the Fig Wood fragrance which worked out because I really wanted to have a candle that wouldn't be so feminine for J's massages. It was a nice earthy smell.

My container was a peachy color instead of white, but it didn't bother me. However, if you're going to be all "but the picture was a white container!" then you've been warned :)

I used a little too much wax so it didn't absorb completely, but I just used a cloth to wipe away the excess wax when we were done. It left the skin nice and smooth and not too greasy.

This candle is very reasonably priced at $23.99 and with the easy to use design I would definitely recommend it, especially for a wax newbie.

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