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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Restless Energy...

I think that New Year's Resolutions are a result of left over energy from the holiday season.

The holidays are over and there was all kinds of hustle and bustle that came and went with it. We spend so much time getting ready for Christmas, and one or two days simply isn't enough time to get all of that energy out! So the following week we resolve to do any number of things. We make our list and often it looks very much like the list we made last January.

I think we are just restless. We need something else to do! So we get ambitious. I'm currently planning to work my way through my apartment methodically purging all of the un-needed items taking up space and organizing everything to make day to day living easier. 

I'm not going to make a resolution because I know, as sure as I know my name, that I may only get through one room before I run out of energy and decide things are ok the way they are.

I am not going to resolve to lose weight, mainly because I started trying to lose last fall and only took a "break" for the holidays. By break, of course, I mean I didn't have the discipline to stay with it. (I didn't gain anything though!!!) So I will continue to try and lose weight, but hopefully with a little more fervor.

So basically, it's restless energy that causes us to make resolutions. And ultimately, it is an overall lack of energy that usually ensure the same items end up on the list again next year. 

That's just my opinion, take it or leave it. I still hope I make the most of this restless energy before the everyday routine starts to wear on me again.


The Bipolar Diva said...

resolutions? no way!

middle child said...

Um, my new years resolution is to get some of that restless energy. Where do I get that? Do that have it at Walmart? Or will I have it if I get a Sleep Number bed?

Babes Mami said...

I don't do resolutions! I do have that 101 things list I'm working on. I didn't gain and I didn't lose during the holidays. Cookies and p90x balanced each other out...which was a win for me! I can't bake dozens of cookies and not taste!