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Friday, January 20, 2012

Menage a Trois?

Let's talk about Menage a Trois. Not the wine, though it's one of my faves, but the sex act. You know, a three-way.

It became a minor part of conversation while I was at my girl J's last night, and she and I more or less agreed it wasn't for us at this point.

For her though, it was never on the books. For me, it's not in the cards in now that I'm in a relationship. I don't want to share, and I only want to be with J-man.

Now in erotica, I love a well executed three-way. As a fantasy, two guys focusing on my pleasure sure is a turn-on, but real life can be a little different sometimes.

The only male voice in the conversation pulled the whole, "but when it's real love you just want to make your man happy right?" We called bullshit on him and he gave up the fight. It was two-to-one on that point.

So I'm curious. What brave souls out there have participated in a three-way (or four or more) and enjoyed it? Anyone participated and hated it? You can always comment anonymously if you don't want the world to know who you are. 

I'm also curious for those who haven't. Is it that you've never had the opportunity, or that you don't want to? Or are you like me and you would have been game in the past but now you're settled and don't want anything but the one you have?


Lost.in.Idaho said...

It's on my bucket list...

However, I'm very good at satisfying a woman. If there were two, could I still do well? Would I spend too much time with one and not the other?

There's pressure.

As far as MMF, my girl is more attracted to women, so I don't think it'll happen...

Just Jen said...

P and I have had 2. The first girl turned out to be a lesbian. She gave P a blow job, though. The other one just said she was bi, but turned out straight as an arrow. She ate me, though! HA! He got a BJ from a lesbian and I got ate by a straight chick. We kinda rock, huh?

We would be willing to have another, but she MUST be bi for real!

Juliettia said...

I've always wanted to participate in a 3-some and swinging, but I don't think at this point in my life I could do it. I'm happily married and hope to always be, and while Maverick has little objections, I just don't think I could share him and I don't know if I'd want to give up the title of only ever having been with him.

I know he'd never leave me and I know we'd still be together, but for me sex is tied with emotions and love. I can't separate those which is why I know I couldn't have a 3-some.