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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'll never do that again...

Are any of you like me? Every time I do something and it goes badly I swear I'm never going to do it again, then a few months later I give it another shot and I get the same results? Seriously, I feel like a glutton for punishment sometimes. 

Things I will (currently) never do again:

Throw a party in my home
Participate In or Host a Package Swap
Accept a jewelry order from a friend without payment upfront
Agree to help organize a group of people with no definitive leader

It's be a frustrating couple of weeks for me. I have to refrain from going on complete rants because the truth is, I knew better. All of the things on that list are things that I've said in the past I would never do again and yet I tried again anyway. It's my own fault really.

On a much brighter note, have you read the contest entries yet?! There are two right now, but there may be more before the day is over! Voting will begin tomorrow and run through December 20th. Also, if you haven't entered to win the $25 EdenFantasys GC today is the last day to do that too!

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Babes Mami said...

I'm sorry your party didn't go well. :[