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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Re-cap

So you may not care how my Christmas was, but I'm going to tell you anyway :)

For starters, the weather here in South Carolina does not feel like Christmas. Hell, most days it barely feels like winter. But as soon as Friday rolled around it felt like Christmas. I made most of my gifts this year and, per usual, I was rushing until the last minute to pull it all off. I did though, and Friday I had part of my family over for appetizers and mingling. It's a little tradition I started a few years ago. As we got older piling into beds at my grandparents house just got to be too much, not to mention we all got too big to sleep three to a bed :) So since we couldn't spend the night together I started hosting a dinner thing the night before Christmas Eve for everyone to get together for some real visiting before the festivities on Christmas Eve. We all have a lot going on during the holidays so it makes it easier to do it early. 

I cooked like a crazy woman and we had a great time. Then I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my immediate family and exchanged gifts with J on Christmas night. 

I got two big gifts, one from my parents and one from J. I have a new Keurig! Yay! AND I'm going to see my favorite musical on stage in the spring!

So it was a good Christmas. I got to spend a lot of time with family and it was really laid back this year so that was awesome. Because my parents are divorced I have always had a lot to do during the holidays, it's usually  three days worth of running around, this year it was actually four. I do love seeing everyone though. 

How was everyone else's Christmas? I'm gonna take it easy for the rest of the week, I'm catching up at work and I'm going to be busy this weekend, but I'll get back to a normal blogging routine next week. 

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Babes Mami said...

So jealous of your keurig!