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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Wait, let me get my fanny pack!"

In South Carolina, Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright is fed up with the justice system in which he serves and has decided that women should all get concealed weapons permits to protect themselves from rapists.

I'm not making this up. In fact, he has said that if you get  .45 caliber pistol you only have to "get close" not be an accurate shot.

Now I'm all for having a gun to protect your home and your family if you know how to use it! But a widespread statement that women should give up their mace in exchange for a pistol in a fanny pack? (Yes, he suggested jogging with a loaded pistol in a fanny pack.) This is insane!

It's a completely new variety of victim blaming. The local Spartanburg newspaper, the Herald Journal quoted him today as saying that "A gun will slow someone down from raping you, I know that." Really? How does he know that? How does he know that a woman being attacked who followed his advice and carried a gun won't be too traumatized to pull the trigger, or worse would have that gun taken from her and used against her? How can he know that?

I'm not anti-gun! I slept with one beneath my bed for two years and it gave me a great deal of comfort because I know how to use it! But to suggest that it should be a practice for women to carry guns to keep themselves from being victims takes the responsibility off of the justice system for locking these guys up and throwing away the the key! It takes the focus off of the offender's responsibility and says, "if she'd only carried a gun".

Don't listen to me though, form your own opinions. I am sure there are plenty of people who like the idea of vigilante justice and don't mind telling all women that they should carry a gun if they are going to go for a jog. I personally think it's a new form of blaming the victim, and making it an individual's responsibility to fend off an attacker.

Sheriff urges CWP
CNN interview

Seriously, google the name, you will find articles everywhere. It's made international news at this point.


Ranae Rose said...

I think it's important for everyone to be proactive about safety, especially women. Unfortunately law enforcement isn't always reliable. One time I had several armed men trying to get into my apartment, and the 911 operator refused to take me seriously or send a police officer to my house! Ugh.

But in my opinion that doesn't always mean carrying a gun. A firearm isn't the best choice for every woman, and there are other effective alternatives like pepperspray and tazers (heck, even take your dog jogging with you).

Lost.in.Idaho said...

I was taught never to shoot a gun at someone unless you're prepared to kill them.

Mace, tazers and the like are designed to stun someone so you can escape. Guns are designed to kill. Not a cool move at all.

Boobies said...

Okay, I own guns...and a .45 at that & would NEVER jog with my gun. I can envision a Cheddar Bob situation going down. (See 8 Mile movie.)