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Monday, November 14, 2011

A Beauty Fantasy

I've posted before about how much it costs to be beautiful these days. I've been struggling with the finances lately and I keep hoping for the President or someone to declare a "Free Beauty Services" day. Here's what that day would look like for me.

I'd get up around 6:30 (gotta get a jump on something this big) throw my mess (hair) into a bun and take a quick shower. I'd swing through by favorite coffee spot for some liquid bliss and go to my first stop. Wanting to get it over with so that I can enjoy everything else, I'd go to a Sugaring Salon. I want to be waxed. I want my eyebrows, upper-lip, lady parts, and legs all smooth and silky. So after enduring the pain that most men will never know, I'd go to my next stop, the massage parlor. I have to have some down time so my heart can stop racing.

When I finish there I'd stop for lunch with one of my friends, but just something quick cause there is still much more to do. Then I'd drop by the nail salon for a full set of gel nails and a pedicure. Once finished there I'd run to the mall and buy a cute new outfit (not free but it will be needed). Then I'd get to the Hair Salon for a Shampoo, Cut, and Color.

I'd change in the bathroom at the Salon and got let some woman at my favorite beauty counter do my make-up and then I'd meet the boy for a nice dinner and then go dancing. Hopefully by now the pain from the waxing treatments has worn off.

This is my fantasy. Why is is a fantasy? Do you know what this day would cost me in real life? About $450! And I didn't even go for skin treatments! Imagine working that into a monthly budget!


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