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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Who wants to Swap?!

I love Mail Swaps! It's so much fun to put together packages for people, and who doesn't love getting mail?! With the seasons changing and the weather cooling off, it's coming up time for some cozy nights indoors. So I'm hosting the Gettin' Cozy Mail Swap!


We will have a $20 limit on spending, but that doesn't limit re-gifting or items you may already have stashed in your house. Homemade gifts are also a great idea to help fill your package! So let's get out the cocoa, scarfs, and steamy romance novels to heat us up as the weather gets cooler!

Sign-ups will run through October 31st. Then I will assign swap partners. Once you've received your partner assignments you have one month to send your packages. I'm going to have a link up early in December for bloggers to post about their swap packages so we can see what each other got!

To participate just fill out THIS FORM. Please take a button for your side bar so we can spread the word. (Code is for a smaller image than shown above) Swaps are always more fun with more people! 


Just Jen said...

Love swaps! I'm so in!!

Mrs. Mommy said...

Wow, this sounds lie so much fun! I'm in too!

Carol said...

Just signed up !!!