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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Talking about Sex

The title is your warning. This is an "all about the nitty gritty" post, turn away now if you don't want to read about it!

So I was having some drinks with the girls the other night and the conversation turned to sex, as it often will. Specifically, it turned to oral sex. You do it, you don't. You spit, you swallow. You expect it, you don't. It was a very "Sex and the City" conversation.

Not to divulge everyone's preferences but I was not in the majority when I disclosed that I generally swallow. I don't think it's disgusting. It's less of a mess to clean up, and I don't do it that often because oral is usually just a warm up for us. I prefer having him inside of me.

In the same respect I was the only one who didn't mind kissing after he'd given it to me! That baffled me.

I don't have a lot of hang-ups about oral sex. I enjoy both giving and receiving. I don't find anything about it dirty or gross. In fact I wish I could do away with my gag reflex because it holds me back some. I don't have hang-ups about receiving it either.

All that and I was the only one not having sex on my period. Really?!

So obviously we all have different opinions and hang-ups. What are some of yours? What is your relationship with oral sex? If you are a girl, do you have sex on your period? Do you have any other hang-ups about sex? 


Babes Mami said...

We don't have sex during period time, neither one of us is into it. Or anal...neither is a fan lmao.

Mrs. Mommy said...

For us, period sex is only at the very beginning or very end when I'm hardly bleeding. It really does help get rid of cramps! As for oral, I like giving and receiving. I prefer not to swallow but I have a few times cause he likes it. And I have no problem kissing him after oral either, no matter if I was giving or receiving.

middle child said...

I'm wth you on the oral and as for sex during period? You know what they say.....a little blood never hurt a good soldier.

angel shrout said...

I spit and swallow, depends on the moods. Have done perios sex not a fan since I bleed like a stuck hog from day one..