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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review of the Cry Baby

Cry Baby
Remote Controlled Bullet
Manufacturer: Love to Love
Received from Babeland.com

From Babeland:

If you’ve been seeking spontaneity in your sex life, try turning her on from across a crowded room with the cordless, remote-control Cry Baby vibrator from Love to LoveTM. Invite Cry Baby on your next date and thrill to the knowledge that you’re secretly buzzing her to ecstasy – nobody will be the wiser! Or if you’re on the receiving end of these vibrations, enjoy submitting to your partner’s control over three speeds and seven pulsation patterns. The tapered head makes vaginal insertion a breeze (just drop it in a condom first for ease of removal), or tuck it into your underwear, snuggled against your clit. Pink bullet is waterproof. Read our Guest Review of this toy. Note: this toy is incompatible with rechargeable batteries. Not recommended for anal use.

My Thoughts:

When I got the Cry Baby I was impressed with the packaging. It was very neatly displayed and came with batteries for the remote and the vibrator itself. There wasn't much in the way of instructions, or specs in the manual. There are like 6 or seven languages in the booklet so only 3 pages are in English and it mainly addresses how to put the batteries in.

This is a really neat toy. It is a pretty good size for insertion, though maybe a little bigger than I would like for use in public. The vibrations are very buzzy, but strong. The highest setting was a little too strong for me, but I know that there are a lot of people who prefer/need really strong vibrations and this packs a punch.

There are 10 speed settings. The first 3 are even patterns that increase in speed and strength. The other seven are different interval patterns. The screen on the remote control shows the pattern in hearts and it kind of reminds me of the treadmill screen when I do interval workouts.

I tested the general range of the remote and I walked all the way down the hall before it was out of range. Once or twice if something was in the way it didn't pick up with makes me wonder about the claim of being able to use it in a crowded room. Perhaps I am wrong though because insertion doesn't interfere with the signal.

When inserted this awesome vibrator nestled against my g-spot and with a little help from my man I was getting off like a rocket. It was really amazing.The rubber pull on the base of the toy made it easy to retrieve.

The toy claims to be waterproof and I it does fine with insertion and washing, but I wouldn't be willing to try using it submerged in a tub, the rubber washer just didn't seem tight enough for that.

I highly recommend this vibrator for anyone looking to have a little remote controlled fun :)

This product was provided to me free of charge by babeland.com in exchange for an unbiased review. This in no way effected my review and all opinions reflected above are my own. This review contains affiliate links.

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