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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Am I Kinky?

Am I kinky? Am I not kinky? Or maybe there a spectrum of kinkiness where you can fall into the extreme category or into the not at all category with most of us falling somewhere in the middle?

I was looking at the writing topics on Eden Cafe and this was one of them. It really made me wonder if I am or am not kinky. I can’t claim to have any fetishes, but I do enjoy playing with cuffs. While I don’t like pain enough to consider myself a sadist, I like that little sting that comes with every slap on the ass, or the sharp sensation of fingernails digging into my ass. Then there are the teeth marks. (Shiver) I love being bitten just enough for a faint mark that maybe only I will notice. While I generally prefer to be on the receiving end, there are times when my preferences shift.

I love to scratch up my boyfriend’s back and hear him hiss at the unexpected pain. Sometimes I’ll chain him to the headboard and take my time teasing and exploring him without any rush. I do plenty of my own biting too. He's learned that when I get excited he should protect his lips.

To some of my everyday friends the fact that I own cuffs and like to be bitten makes me kinky. Yet, I go to Eden Cafe and read about the fascinating practices of my friends who are into the BDSM culture and I feel like I don’t qualify at all!

Can you really define kinky? Is there a threshold of kink that once crossed brands you as kinky? To one friend I am incredibly adventurous and to another I am a plain jane in the sex department.

Is there such a thing as vanilla kink? A place where we can throw all of the kinky behavior that isn’t ‘extreme’ enough to be considered kink? What do you guys think? Are you kinky? Are you "vanilla" kinky? Do you have any fetishes?


Cinnamon said...

Like one of my BDSM friends says, " Using a feather is kinky. Using the whole chicken is perverted"

I think cuffs lets you stick your little toe into the kinky zone. But that's just me !

The Bipolar Diva said...

cuffs...love 'em, bites...even more!

Boobies said...

I guess kinky is in the eye of the beholder, right? I don't know if I could define it.

I'd say I'm kinky...definitely not vanilla kinky. Bordering extreme..but not in a sicko sort of way...lol.

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