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Monday, July 18, 2011

Strut your Stuff

I'm linking up with Nanny for Strut your Stuff #24. I have a couple of books to review right now, but being realistic it will probably be next week before I'm able to get the first review up. I do still have the Scandalous Massage Contest and Giveaway happening though! I've only got one entry so far! I'm willing to say that if I get at least five entries then everyone will get a little something in their mailbox! (I'm not above bribery)

Also this weeks questions is "Why Do You Blog?"

I blog because I want to. I blog because I've made a few friends and I like keeping in touch with them. I blog because if I'm going to do anything I prefer to do it well, so I try to keep a somewhat regular posting schedule.

If I ever stop enjoying it then I would stop and probably just delete all the evidence :) Hopefully that won't happen though.

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