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Friday, July 15, 2011

BGB Friday Follow

It makes sense that the Bad Girls should have a Friday Follow right? So here it is! (Finally, I know) The Bad Girl Bloggers Friday Follow! (Applause Please?) If you hate the button you can keep that damn opinion to yourself, kapeche?

This week's Featured Bad Girls were True (Angels and Demons) and Nanny (Talk to Me Thursday). So if you missed them check out their posts and leave them some love!

Go link up, but be sure to check out the rules!

If you want to blog without clothes today, it is permissible, because NAKED IS BETTER!

Unless you have a nasty flesh eating disease in which case you should keep that covered up. Just Sayin'.

In other news I am getting settled in my new place and making strides towards finding a new job that pays a little better. My bosses know and fully support me, which is great. My director actually said she'd keep an ear to the ground for me! Wow, awesome people. I'm going to hate leaving here, I can tell you that for sure.

Also, guys, don't forget about the Contest and Giveaway! There is one entry already but I want to see lots more. Remember that the prize package will be dependent upon the number of entries, so get everyone you know to enter.

You don't have to enter the contest to enter the giveaway so don't forget to do that. The massage kit was awesome! Seriously, I loved it!

Go link up with the Bad Girls, and have a good weekend everyone!

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lonewolf said...

Hopping through. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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