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Monday, June 27, 2011

I'll see you tonight...

It had been three weeks since they'd last seen each other, and even then they'd barely stolen a quick kiss. Tonight was all for them. She lay soaking in the big roman style tub. The water was still hot and the smell of coconut and jasmine lingered around her. She ran her hands along her skin, slick from the oils in the bath. He would be here soon, she shouldn't linger. Part of her wanted him to arrive and find her skin still damp, her hair pulled atop her head by a claw, the tendrils around her face still wet, and smelling of jasmine.

Sighing she stood and stepped out onto the plush bathmat. She reached for a towel and began to pat herself dry, careful not to wipe away the scented oils. She'd already treated herself to a manicure and pedicure this morning, and she was clean shaven all over. All that was left was to slip into something sexy and dust some powder across her face. Wrapping in the towel she walked into the dressing closet and fingered the chemise she'd bought with this evening in mind. She had no desire for pretenses and if he had plans to get dinner they could wait a while.

She slid into the satin lingerie and wrapped in the matching robe. She liked the way the hem felt against her thigh, and she liked that if she decided to tease him a bit the chemise was the perfect length for some subtle flashing.

She glanced at the clock as she quickly dusted some powder across her nose and applied some tinted lip balm. She pulled the plug from the tub to let the water drain out and made her way to the kitchen. She pulled two glasses from the cabinet and chose a bottle of red wine from her rack. Pouring herself a glass she sat on the sofa and turned on some music.

Stretching her legs out she took a sip and closed her eyes. She'd been looking forward to tonight all week. She'd fantasized all week about him taking her in his arms and fucking her until she screamed out in splendid orgasm. Even now she was wet as she sat waiting and imagining.

They'd only been together once before but it had been incredible. She'd driven to see him then. He'd taken her to dinner and then they'd gone back to his place where he showed her just how good he could make her feel. She could still remember the feel of his tongue against her most sensitive areas, coaxing her to an orgasm like none she'd had before. He'd caressed her skin and played with her nipples as she came back down, only to plunge into her and drive her to new heights again. She could have stayed with him forever that night, but their time then had been cut short due to an emergency phone call from work.

Tonight he was coming here though and they had all night, and even tomorrow before he would have to go home. She took another sip of wine and remembered his e-mail from this morning, "I'll see you tonight. I can't wait to get my hands on you again. I want to show you just how much I've missed you."

She sat her glass of wine on the side table and untied her robe, sliding her hands against the chemise beneath. As she brought them up to cup her breasts she imagined they were his hands. His strong hands, squeezing her in his palms, then trailing down to her thighs drawing teasing little circles with his fingertips before lifting the hem and sliding them upward towards her sex. Again, drawing lazy circles above her labia before sliding a finger between to barely brush against her clit.

She sighed and relaxed deeper into the sofa. She was so deep in her fantasy she didn't hear the faint 'click' of the door latch.

She slid a finger down to draw her wetness up over her clit and brought a second finger to work that little pleasure button. Her other hand sliding further up beneath the silky fabric to squeeze and tweak her nipple. She was writhing and moaning on the couch in anticipation of release when she a hand on her other breast.

Her eyes flew open wide in shock, and her gaze slammed into his his. They were dark with desire and his breathing was ragged. She wondered how long he'd been watching, but as quickly as the embarrassment came it was replaced by joy over seeing him, and lust and desire for what he offered. She started to move toward him but he covered her hand with his own and his fingers joined hers as she worked her clit.

She smiled and lifted her mouth for him to kiss her. He covered her lips with his own and as their joined hands worked her towards climax his tongue teased her until she could no longer think. Her hand went limp beneath his pliant fingers as he took her higher and higher.

Just when she thought she was about to orgasm he pulled his hand away and slid his arms beneath her to pick her up. He carried her down the hall as she clung to his chest, and in her room he laid her on the soft coverlet.

She reached for him as he quickly undressed and joined her. Her chemise was around her waist, her sex exposed and glistening with her juices. He settled above her and kissed her deeply as she clung to his shoulders. Her body was humming with nerves and there was an ache between her legs that only he could soothe. She reached between them and took his length in her hands, stroking and squeezing.

With a groan he pulled away to draw up on his knees. Positioning himself against her opening he pulled her ankles against his shoulders and eased into her. She moaned as he slowly filled her, gasping at the pure pleasure. She could already feel her muscles clenching him, not wanting to let go. He moved in and out of her slowly at first, hitting that perfect spot inside of her with each pass. The pleasure built until she was trembling and he moved faster, fucking her harder.

She came hard, crying out in pleasure as the muscles of her sex jumped and spasmed. He was right behind her groaning and gasping with his release. He let go of her ankles and she pulled him against her. They lay there still connected and gasping for air. She purred with contentment as he tangled his fingers in her hair and pulled her face to his for a kiss.

He sighed as he rested his head against her chest, heart still racing. She couldn't help but smile as she suppressed a giggle. She was so glad she'd thought to tell him where the hide-a-key was.

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singedwingangel said...

Well great now I need a shower and dry underpants.. that was HOT woman