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Friday, June 3, 2011


It's been a while. But I'm linking up with Boobies and Christy for Fuck You Friday!

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... being nice. I'm trying really hard, but some people just make it difficult.

... roofs that aren't really fixed and so I now sit in my office listening to the slow drip of water in my ceiling.

... people who only think they are discreet when they are talking about other people (i.e. me).

... 24 hours in a day. I'm sorry, I just need more. I can't get it all done.

... living in a house where the air stays set on 80-83. I can't put make-up on at home because it will freakin' melt off!

... people who mistreat clients just because it's after 4 and they are ready to be done for the day.

Everything else is pretty good right now. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


singedwingangel said...

Ohhhh lord I would melt in your house.. come here my thermostat is set on 69 period..
OH I hate rude people who are rady to go home.. seriously you get paid you can't be nice for 30 more minutes

babesrockinmami said...

oh man we keep ours set at 69-70 during the day and drop it to 67 at night. We like to polar it up lol

todd carr said...

we're a 72 degree household, year round.

I need my comforter 12 months a year. my man is a make up artist, gotta sport full face 24/7

CinfulCinnamon said...

I told the hubby before I married his ass and moved from Ohio down here to Florida...that I would walk around in layers of clothes in the winter (and amazingly it got cold here this winter) and save energy dollars, but my big ass WILL BE kept cool in the summer down here. So the thermostat is at 78 during the day, and 74 at night. Period. Some things he knows not to fuck with me on ! LOL Have a good weekend.

Daffy said...

Yikes! you don't live in a retirement facility do you? Thats a bit warm.

And your FYF list was pretty darn short! Me thinks thats a good thing :o)