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Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Storms

This is a re-post of one of my first stories I wrote for this blog. We've had a lot of summer storms this week and it just felt right to re-post this for you guys :)

It's been eighty degrees or better all day. The sun is bright and the humidity is severe. Sweat beads on my upper lip and I taste salt. Any make-up I thought to put on this morning has slid away.

Your meeting ran late, so instead of picking me up, you want me to come to your place to save time. This pisses me off...royally.

I drive the thirty minutes to your place leaving no time to put myself together. I hate the unbearable heat. My shirt is sticking to my back and I can feel the sweat running down the back of my calf.

I get caught in traffic and my mood quickly darkens. I notice that the sky has done the same. The wind kicks up, sending mulch flying into the side of my car.

Another red light. The frustration that has been building in my gut has began to work it way up into my chest. Just as the light turns green, huge droplets begin to splatter across my windshield.

Shit. I turn the wipers on, but suddenly the bottom has fallen out of the sky and all I can see in every direction is grey sheets of rain. I turn right, your place is only two blocks. Driving slowly I turn into your subdivision.

When I pull up to your house the garage is closed. I use my cell phone to call, but you don't answer. I think about laying on the car horn, but I remember that the sweet old man living next door works third shift. I wait, but you don't call back.

My umbrella is in the trunk, and it probably wouldn't help. I brace myself for the onslaught and open the door. It's less than twenty feet from here to your front door, but by the time I cross the distance my clothes and hair are plastered to my body. It's as though I literally stepped into a shower fully dressed.

I step under the tiny awning wiping the water from my face. Banging against your door I make the decision that I'm not going anywhere tonight. You can be late all by yourself.

You don't come to the door immediately so I raise my fist to bang again, but the door opens before I make contact. I catch your eyes, wide in amusement with my current state. Then I realize you look the same. Your white dress shirt is soaked through, clinging to the thin shirt beneath. You've loosened your tie and unbuttoned the neck.

I can see the hair of your chest matted beneath the cotton fabric. I remember that I am angry, and that I'm going to tell you I'm not going to this stupid event. You smile and I open my mouth to tell you to stop, but laugh instead.

You're laughing too and I realize what a sight we must be. The look in your eyes changes quickly from humor to heat. I suddenly realize that if I can see so clearly through both of your shirts, my flimsy blouse must do little for me. I get a chill, thinking about what you see, and my nipples harden beneath the wispy fabric of my bra.

Your eyes widen and your jaw goes slack. I can barely hear your ragged breath because the rain is coming down so hard just behind me. My sex is wet and my breasts ache to be touched.

I step toward you, but you step back. Suddenly I'm confused, but before I can speak you take my hand, pulling me through the house and into the back yard. Grinning, you pull me onto the back patio. There is no awning, and the rain is still coming in a downpour. Before I can speak to ask what you're doing, you've crushed your mouth down over mine.

The rain is warm, but the stifling heat of the day is gone. Your hands tangle in my hair and the kiss grows fierce. I latch onto your hips, pulling closer to the heat of your body.

Walking backwards you bring us to the corner of the small lot, where the neighbors' view is obstructed by your wooden fence. Quickly, before I can protest, you pull my blouse over my head.

Laughing, because this is absurd, I step out of my flimsy skirt and reach for your trousers. While I remove them you peel off your shirts. Falling back into the hammock, both of us laughing now, we're kissing again. The rain is still heavy, and it coats our skin.

Intertwined in the hammock our bodies strain towards each other, slick with the heat and rain. Your mouth finds its way to my neck and I'm writhing. My anger from earlier is a distant memory and I want nothing other than to touch and be touched.

I reach down to find your cock straining against your boxers. Freeing it into my wet palm I stroke and play. Your response is to find my breast through the wet fabric of my bra and bite down. I resist the urge to cry out, though I doubt I'd be heard over the pounding rain.

Your mouth comes back up to find me, but I duck my head, tasting the rain and sweat rolling from your shoulder. You groan and I can't wait anymore. I need to feel you inside of me, filling my sex with heat.

I push at your boxers and you know what I need. Quickly you draw my panties down and position me beneath you, filling me with one quick thrust. In the hammock our movements are limited so you hold my hips tight against you, allowing me to grind against your length.

Slow pulsing movements slowly build the heat in both of us as the rain continues to coat our bodies. Seeking release I wrap my legs around you and my hips undulate against you. Your hands release me to brace against the pole, letting me take my pleasure you.

Emotion contorts your face and I can feel your seed spilling into me as I shatter, my own pleasure exploding low in my belly. I wrap my arms around you tight to ride out the last waves of orgasm. Releasing your hold on the hammock, you allow us both to sink farther towards the ground.

The rain continues at a steady pulse, washing over us, mixing with our sweat and our moisture before falling to the ground. Your body is heavy on top of me, but I don't want to move. I simply want to drift off into sleep. But summer storms are over as quickly as they begin, and we'll need to be inside when the sun comes out.

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Ranae Rose said...

Nice writing! I LOVE summer storms, and they often make appearances in my own stories, too. In face I recently wrote a novella that revolves around a sudden summer storm.