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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself...

Ok, so I posted the giveaway right? Awesome, what I didn't do was tell you how long you have to enter... yeah. Whatever. So I've updated the post and added a few more things you can do for entries. Hopefully I'm covering all my bases now. (It's May 31st by the way)

Also, wanna hear a funny story? Of course you do.

So on the monster of all days last week, and I do mean MONSTER, I had lunch with a friend of mine. This girl is the face of calm and being around her makes me relax. Apparently on Thursday though it just wasn't enough. We went to this little bakery because she wanted to to try these cupcakes. (SIDE NOTE: They were ok, but Steph's are sooo much better.) When we got ready to leave I went to fish out my keys and I could not find them anywhere. They weren't in my purse, they weren't at the table, they weren't on the counter. I was running late for a court hearing and I was panicking at that point. So since I'd clearly had them to drive us there, we walked out to the car to see if I'd left them on the seat or something.

Or something. I left my keys in the ignition, the car was unlocked, and - get this- the car was RUNNING!

Oh. My. Gosh! Talk about distracted and unaware. I couldn't believe it! The day of course didn't get any better but since that stuff isn't funny I won't mention it here.

So yeah, go check out my giveaway post with new entry options, and have a happy week!


singedwingangel said...

Crap loucky as heck no one stole it..

Boobies said...

Bwhahaha..sounds like something I would do for sure.

And you're right..>Steph's stuff is AMAZING!!!!

Off to check out your giveaway sweets!

Babes Mami said...

If you weren't laughing you might be crying!

Daisygirl said...

Holy Crap...that is better than the keys in the pocket and running around frantically scenario! Lucky girl that was just lucky!