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Friday, April 8, 2011

You gotta get one of these!

So, I was holding on to this because I'd like to do a full review of the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo, but I have other reviews that are in the "must get done" category so I decided instead to just give you an idea of how much you NEED these!

A few months ago I worked to save up gift cards I'd earned/won from edenfantasys to get the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo. When it came I was initially surprised by the size of it. I'm not sure why I'd expected it to be smaller, maybe I just hadn't processed. Either way, the only down side to the combo is storage for the Ramp. Because of it's size it will not fit beneath my bed which means I have to maneuver it into my closet, making it less accessible than the wedge that I simply slide beneath the bed.

You still need it! I'm just saying that if you can only get one for now, start with the wedge, you'll likely use it more often.

As far as how well they work? WOW! Who knew that a little positioning would make all the difference! I just the wedge regularly now when we are doing it doggie style because I can stay there longer and more comfortably with it. It's also phenomenal for oral sex! Just putting that out there.

Using the Ramp and Wedge together has been great too. Like I said it doesn't happen as often because in the moment the wedge is simply more accessible for us, but when we do take the time to pull it out, it's amazing!!

The combo is also great for oral. There are all kinds of positions that are easier and more comfortable with the Liberator shapes. I love love love doggie style and these shapes really have made that easier for us. Also when I'm tilted like that he has better access to use his hands during sex and I REALLY love that.

I love sex toys. Vibrators, cock rings, they're up there on the list. But this has definitely been the best sex aid that I've purchased to date. There are just soo many benefits to these shapes. We always think of new positions we want to try and we have certainly not gotten through the whole list yet, but I just had to share and make sure that you know just how much the Liberator shapes are WORTH THE MONEY!

So visit edenfantays and add it to your cart. Go ahead, do it. You won't regret it. I promise!

Liberator wedge ramp combo - Sex Toys for Couples - Liberator Shapes


Lady Estrogen said...

Oooh yeah - angle makes all the difference :)

singedwingangel said...

I have been drooling over these since day one of being an affiliate. I am working on it I wan it soo bad. I got my first item for review coming oohoo

Carrie's Rambles said...

I've been dying to get a wedge!