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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Officer Newlywed

Adventures in Estrogen

If you've never checked out Lady's Adventures in Estrogen you are really missing out! She's given a little tale to entertain us today. Show some love then go check her out for more hilarious stories!
She hadn’t seen him in 8 years; it had seemed like a lifetime ago. They arranged to meet for lunch and he was going to come and pick her up at her office. She had always had a thing for him. He was a fucking beautiful male specimen; that was to be certain. They had given in to their attraction on one brief occasion which even then, although full of explosive lust, had been stopped before it had gotten to the good ‘n dirty stuff... sadly.

Now they were both married; her of 7 years and him of only 6 months – a god damn newlywed. He was now a detective in the metropolitan police department. He texted her that he was caught up in court, but would be there to pick her up shortly.

He texted again; he was in the parking lot. She freshened up, re-applied her make-up and double checked her hair before hopping into the elevator. She was excited to see him after all these years. As she walked across the parking lot, he got out of his car. He walked towards her in what seemed to be slow motion. Whatever visual memory she had of him from the past didn’t do him any justice – he was even hotter than ever before – if that was even possible. He was wearing a suit, sun glasses and his detective’s badge hung around his neck. He was a fucking Law & Order sex god – now approaching his biggest fan. She found it difficult to contain herself; she wanted to giggle and squeal and then shove her tongue down his throat. He gave her a big hug and even that form of contact caused her to wet herself with feminine lust.

They got into his car and he removed his sunglasses to reveal his hypotonic blue eyes and he smiled, “You cut your hair short! It looks sexy.” He reached over and ran his fingers through her hair. She purred a little in her head, but a tiny moan did manage to escape. “Does that feel good?” he added, as he continued to massage her head.

“Yes! You fucking tease! Enough of that. Thank you.” She laughed and continued, “You know what you do to me, so don’t even start.”

He glared into her eyes and stopped smiling. “Who said anything about teasing?” He started the car and started to drive. “Is there somewhere where we can go that’s a bit more, um, private?” She directed him to a spot nearby and her heart and mind were racing – faster and faster. She knew that something was about to happen. This was more than he usually entertained her sexual innuendoes, even after all these years.

They pulled into the spot; he turned the car off and turned towards her. He smiled again and said, “It is so great to see you. It’s been way too long. Have you been a good girl?” He was fucking her with his piercing eyes.

She couldn’t take it anymore. “Can I kiss you?” He nodded and she leaned towards him and grabbed the back of his head while engaging in a cataclysmic kiss; nothing she had every experienced with her husband. It was phenomenal. The kissing alternated between their mouths and her neck and collarbone. He took her hand and placed it on his rock solid cock. “See what you do to me?” He then unzipped his pants and she took him in her mouth. He had one hand caressing the back of her head and the other firmly on the steering wheel, as if he needed it for balance. He let out a moan that was almost a yell of pure elation. “I’m going to finish; here I cum. You’re – fucking – beautiful!”

She swallowed and after a quick tidy-up, she laughed and said, “So, how’s married life treating you?”


singedwingangel said...

woot woot.. always a sucker for a man in a uniform myself...

Lady Estrogen said...

Umm... YEAH!

Thanks for posting my smut. Always a pleasure writing for you. xoxo

SAHMlovingit said...

Oooh you can't beat a bit of smut on a Thursday! Lovely stuff ;)

Pamela Gold said...

I love smut. This is good. Really good!

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Daffy said...

I love the final line.... I can hear the sarcasm and humor and smile in her question.

D. Scandal said...

Thanks so much for guest posting! Hot stuff as always!