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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mabel & Nanny's Designs *Review*

So when Nanny sent out a request for reviewers for her Esty site, Mabel & Nanny's Designs, I was more than happy to contribute. (Sorry it took so long!) Imagine my surprise when I checked my mail and found not only a review product but presents as well! She's so sweet!

I received this Beaded Book Thong for review. I loved the colors and the bead that she used. I'm a huge fan of glass beads, particularly ones with lamp working. There are metal charm embellishments on either end of the book thong so as it marks your place it kinda dresses up the book on your nightstand. Mine also had a cute little trademark charm with the name of the shop! I tried to get a good up close picture but my camera wouldn't cooperate. I like the book thong because it keeps me from dog earring the pages of my book and it doesn't hurt the pages.

I liked the Beaded Book Thong a lot, and while it wasn't asked of me, I want to show you one of the gifts she sent me!

It's a Book Thong/Bracelet! Like I said, I don't like that I used to dog-ear the pages of my books, but when I used paper book marks I always lost them. With this book thong you just wear it while you read and it's there when you need it!

I have to admit I've worn it once or twice without the excuse of a book :) HERE is one for sale now that is a combo of the two shown above!


PBJdreamer said...

I have a beaded book thong too, love it!

Daffy said...

What a fantastic idea! I LOVE the ability to wear it around your wrist until its ready to mark the page again! The colors are beautiful on that one.

And I REALLY have to get on board with this review stuff!