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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Daisy likes it naughty!


1. (via AngelWhere is your most sensitive spot that you did not expect to be sensitive?
My back, of course this is after an orgasm usually, when I'm sensitive damn near everywhere.
2. Do you like oral sex?
Love it!
3. Have you ever tasted someone that tasted just of the nastiest nasty ever?
No, thank God!
4. drunk text me right now!
I'd have to be drunk for that (I'm at work) and I don't have your number!
5. How many partners have you had?
6. Have you ever had your ass licked?
I guess bitten counts?
7. Do you like anal sex?
haven't tried it
8. Girls will you have sex on your period? boys will you do it?
Nah, it only lasts two days, I'd rather wait and feel all clean :)
9. Sex in a public place?
Oh yes... I still need to blog about that!
10. Are you lusting after someone right now?
always ;)
11. drunk text me again...
again, work and no number!
12. One word to describe your sex style. 
13. One word to describe your kissing style.
seductive? haha, I hope!
14. Shaved, trimmed or full bush?
15. Do you have a blogger crush?
not currently
16. Fantasy?
gosh... so many! Police Officer?
17. How do you nurse your sore crotch after being used like a punching bag ;)
I don't, is it weird that the soreness is somehow a pleasant reminder for me?
18. (Im grasping here running out of questions)....show a hot pic if you want.
Avatar, it's all I have. Again, at work. 
19. What do you think about bondage?
like it!
20. Talking dirty hot or not?
very hot
21. Put a question you want to ask for next weeks 21 questions! 
Worst Date ever?


singedwingangel said...

OHHH good question for the last one.. yeah I would say bitten would count on the one question.. I like enthusiastic as a word lol.. I put brave roflmbo

Daisygirl said...

dang it for being at work...guess I should have given my number haha!

Can't wait to hear about your public sex story...woohoo!

Seductive....great word!

Thanks for linking up!

Babes Mami said...

I've tried #7, not for me and luckily not for hubs either!