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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wrap them around me...

I've been participating in Lilly's series of sex blog prompts on Erogenous Zones. This week's zone/s are Arms. Generally speaking these prompts are about our own bodies and what about the zones are erogenous for you. I must admit though what he can do to my arms is fairly limited. Aside from using them to pin me down. I like to be pined down.

I love when he holds my wrists down against the bed so that I can't use my hands.

Last week I had a bruise on my upper arm and I thought it was a bite mark at first then he realized it was a thumb print. I love to feel the strong resistance when he has me pined down my my arms. That's about as far as it goes for me.

Now his arms? That's different. I love the feel of his arms around me. I feel enclosed and warm and I simply love it. I think it's more of an emotional reaction than a physical one, but it's strong nonetheless.

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singedwingangel said...

OK so I am gonna have to participate in this thing. I am loving reading your responses..