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Friday, February 25, 2011

Shocker Alert: Kids can affect your sex life

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I was over on the VIB site and saw this Newsflash: Kids Can Ruin Your Sex Life, Study Says 

Really you needed a study to confirm what every Mom in the world already knows. For the first year all they do is eat, poop and sleep and some times, they do two of those things at the same time. You're gross, tired, and just waiting to see which end makes a mess first. Seriously who wants to think about sex? Usually your concern is sleep, you get some one to watch the monster angel for two minutes and it's lights out. You can start getting your love life back on track once the kid starts sleeping through the night. I mean chasing a toddler around is exhausting but no more so that doing a vigorous work out, you know... one that lasts ALL DAY!

Ok having kids will really only put a hiccup in your love life, really. If you put some work into it, it doesn't have to be wrecked. Look at me two munchkins under 10 and I have a very satisfying sex life. We make it work. Even if that means putting on a movie and sneaking to the bedroom while the kidlets watch said movie alone.

I found it to be a DUH moment though when the article said the 91% of working women said their sex life was wrecked. Well um yeah work 8hrs come home to deal with kids, husband or SO, and life you're not going to want to have sex. Been there done that rather not do it again Thank you. The article also talks about "Empty Nest Sex" which totally makes sense of course older women are going to be having more sex, gotta make up for lost time. Yet with so many older women ready to explore their sexuality, now that they don't have kids to worry about, it's not surprising we're in a new age of Cougars and MILFs.

Any way what do you think do kids really ruin your sex life, or just put a hiccup in it?  And did they really need a study to tell us?


singedwingangel said...

Not even a hiccup we made ways to be alone. It was important that we kept that connection between us.. and I really am a nympho shhh

Ladii said...

LOl Everything in life Controls your sex Life Not just a child, and I believe if you truly WANT it you will get it , even if its a quickie either for your benefit or his!

We sneak them in during Nap Times bed times, and yes He works I stay at home during the week and Im tired and hes sleepy but any chance I get in the mood I take it to get him in the mood and well You know the rest, Im sorry to say it those who blame kids ( i do sometimes lol) are just Lazy! I am sure the mr. Appreciates it when I find ways to get it in! especially when he isnt the one doing all the work lol!

Daffy said...

I think it takes team work. If the either of the partners is doing EVERYTHING alone then of course there is going to be an issue. But if both parents/partners are working in tandem then it should still work to shimmy a sex life into the mix as well. We MAKE time for those things in life that are important to us - PERIOD. Its about priorities.

D. Scandal said...

Thanks so much for posting!

You are not the first person I've talked to that implements the "kids watch a movie" technique on a regular basis.

I grew up with a single parent, but I always wonder at what age kids realize what's happening there, haha.

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