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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From Single's Awareness Day to Valentine's Day

So in college my friends and I always celebrated Single's Awareness Day. It never failed that we were all always single when February 14th rolled around. It became tradition for us to dress sexy in black and go out together for drinks and dinner. So that has been my mindset for at least seven years. This year though, I celebrated Valentine's Day. Not in an over-the top way, but just spending with with my boyfriend and doing stuff that we loved.

This year was incredible. I am so in love with my boyfriend. He really is awesome, and I love every minute I'm with him. Valentine's Day ended up being the entire weekend for us. I was super shocked when he showed up with flowers and wine Friday night because it wasn't our Valentine's Day yet! But he said they were "I"m sorry your week sucked" flowers and wine. (FYF)

Saturday night we went for Italian and then saw 'Just Go With It'. I loved it by the way! He brought me chocolates and a dozen roses. It was really sweet and he spent the night. This was technically our Valentine's Day date because I was on-call Monday night and I was afraid to make plans other than just hanging out at home.

Monday night we both worked late so he just brought take-out to my house and we hung out there. I knew we were exchanging cards but I thought the presents were done. Then he brings me this bag and it's a little heavy. So I open it, and what did he get me?

The JimmyJane Knead Me Set!!! I'm sooo excited! Like I said we'd both worked late and actually ate dinner first so we didn't have time to use it then, but I can't wait!! Then of course we had lots of really good sex, and good conversation.

One of my good friends got engaged Monday night, so Congrats A!

I hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day, and if you are still celebrating Single's Awareness Day I hope you had a lot of fun with that too! I know I certainly enjoyed all those times with my single friends.

Not really Valentine's related, but J-man came over last night and says, "So I just got a really interesting e-mail. It appears that I won a contest."

"What contest?" I asked. Because you see, yesterday True Pleasures announced the winner of the Liberator Heart Wedge and I was a little bitter I didn't win. I never win anything anymore and I'm getting a little jaded with contests.

"I saw it on your twitter." So he grins, and I'm thinking what the hell are you doing trolling my twitter. But I didn't say that, cause then I remembered I had given him 'permission' to look on twitter, I just continued to ask that he not stalk the blog. Anyway, so I'm thinking a lot faster than I can type and it hits me that the Heart Wedge was the only contest I'd entered lately. HE WON THE HEART WEDGE!

How cool is that?! I was so excited, I had no idea he'd entered, much less that he'd created a twitter account. So anyway, yay for that. AND, he used my affiliate links to buy my present :) He assured me that he only landed here long enough to click-thru so I would get credit. Not that I hide anything, but you know.

So yeah, great Valentine's Day, great boyfriend. Life is good :)

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