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Thursday, February 10, 2011

21 Questions with Daisy!


1. Do you like your feet to touch when having sex?
No, I'm far too ticklish so unless you want me to kick you hard, don't!
2. If your love life was a movie what would the title be?
Worth the Wait
(Cheesy yes, but I'm a girl in love!)
3. Orgasm eyes open or closed?
Closed usually
4. Have you ever been to a sex club, swinger club or sex party?
Nope, sounds like fun though
5. How many years difference is appropriate for having sex with someone...example is it appropriate for a 36 year old to be with a 20 year old?
Truthfully, I don't care as long as you aren't messing with minors!
6. Does your partner know all your favorite positions?
Yeah, I'd say so
7. What would your porn star name be?
What D Scandal isn't good enough?
8. Have you ever done a body shot?
9. Kissed someone of the same sex?
Not as an adult, haha
10. Have you ever screamed out the wrong name during the heat of the moment?
11. are socks on during sex a turn on or off?
12. How big is too big for penis size?
Haven't seen that one yet ;)
Pretty sure mine don't anymore
14. Who usually initiates the foreplay in your relationship?
We both do
15. Do you like to be teased?
16. Do you like your hair pulled?
oh yeah
17. How do you feel about long distance relationships and can they work?
I'm sure that there are people who can make them work, I'm not one of those people I don't think.
18.How much money would it take to have sex with someone you were not attracted to?
Doubt you could pay me enough
19. What would your SEX license plate say?
TIEDUP (Vanity plates can be all letters right?)
20. Does biting turn you on?
Oh hell yes! I guess I should show you the marks sometime ;)

21. sex in a barn full of cows and horses or a outhouse at the county fair?
Seriously? Gross! I guess the barn cause at least you can find a clean spot somewhere.

Check out Daisy and join the fun!


singedwingangel said...

ok seriously love your plate idea, feet ticklish too resulting in bodily harm.. hell eyah to teh biting,k spanking, scratching mark me baby...

Nanny said...

Aww I wish I'd thought of that plate. Love it.

Daisygirl said...

Worth the wait...awesome title I'd watch it!

Teasing, hair pulling, and biting...hmmm now I am horny! haha!

Thanks for linking up babes!

Lady Grinning Soul said...

Hahaha! I love love love your license plate. I want that instead of mine.

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