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Friday, February 25, 2011

Shocker Alert: Kids can affect your sex life

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I was over on the VIB site and saw this Newsflash: Kids Can Ruin Your Sex Life, Study Says 

Really you needed a study to confirm what every Mom in the world already knows. For the first year all they do is eat, poop and sleep and some times, they do two of those things at the same time. You're gross, tired, and just waiting to see which end makes a mess first. Seriously who wants to think about sex? Usually your concern is sleep, you get some one to watch the monster angel for two minutes and it's lights out. You can start getting your love life back on track once the kid starts sleeping through the night. I mean chasing a toddler around is exhausting but no more so that doing a vigorous work out, you know... one that lasts ALL DAY!

Ok having kids will really only put a hiccup in your love life, really. If you put some work into it, it doesn't have to be wrecked. Look at me two munchkins under 10 and I have a very satisfying sex life. We make it work. Even if that means putting on a movie and sneaking to the bedroom while the kidlets watch said movie alone.

I found it to be a DUH moment though when the article said the 91% of working women said their sex life was wrecked. Well um yeah work 8hrs come home to deal with kids, husband or SO, and life you're not going to want to have sex. Been there done that rather not do it again Thank you. The article also talks about "Empty Nest Sex" which totally makes sense of course older women are going to be having more sex, gotta make up for lost time. Yet with so many older women ready to explore their sexuality, now that they don't have kids to worry about, it's not surprising we're in a new age of Cougars and MILFs.

Any way what do you think do kids really ruin your sex life, or just put a hiccup in it?  And did they really need a study to tell us?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What's a girl to do in the fog?

PhotobucketEveryone welcome Daisy from The Daisy Approach. If you've been around here much you will know that she is the creator of Daisy's 21 questions that everyone enjoys so much. She's laying it all there for us today so let her know you're reading.


First of all I’m totally honored to be a guest blogger over at Ms. Scandal’s place. As I write this I am covered in a wet sticky fog. A fog that comes around every now and then, it tries to bring me down, it’s heavy.

This fog comes with decisions. Call me mental but I have a hard time with decisions sometimes. I tend to over think everything. I then start to take into account everyone else’s feelings. Sometimes I just want to be told what to do…I need that push.

I am in an open marriage. I have a husband and a new boyfriend. I know this way of life doesn’t work for everyone but for us it’s something new. I get bored. I’ve been called a free spirit. Can a free spirit actually settle and stay in one place there whole life? Can I change who I am?

The answer to that last question for me is no. I tried to change who I was and for 5 years I was fat and depressed. I hid from the world. I stopped calling friends. My whole life became only my kids. I lived in sweat pants and didn’t like myself at all. I was trying to be someone I wasn’t and because of that I died a little inside. I had a wake up call last year and finally decided to say fuck the world. I am different. I am me. I am back. I am a hot headed Italian chick who loves sex. I am a married girl in a complicated marriage that may or may not last. I don’t trust easily. I get stir crazy, when it happens you can tell. I start to stare. I zone out. I start to move a lot. I may decide to re-arrange furniture. I may start listening to music 24-7 to calm my nerves. I will lose all patience. I will become annoyed. I will drink more…..this is the fog.

I have to sides, same coin just 2 sides. This post may seem all over the place but maybe now you can see where my mind is right now. It’s all over the place. My decision at the forefront is to stay in a marriage that is making me mentally sick or leave and start completely over. I love my husband (most days) but am I still in love with him, I’m not sure. We tried to make it work. We were just a few weeks from signing divorce papers last October. Something brought us back together and now I feel like that something is breaking us apart.

Life is a constant struggle. We are always in conflict with something. How we manage the conflict is the key. But for some reason my key isn’t fitting quite right in the locks. The fog tends to get in the way….

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boobies' take on the Dating Game

BWS tips buttonI'd like to thank my girl Jana, otherwise known around here as Boobies for filling in for me today! Check her out at her spot as well and give her love!


Hey everyone...I'm Boobies and I'm holding things down here today for the delightful D! ;) A few weeks ago, I actually read a post here that inspired me.

In any event--It made me start thinking about the whole game of 'dating.' Granted, I've been off the market for the past six plus years..but I started thinking about what a farce dating really is. It's kind of like stuffing your bra. (Or padding your drawers with tube socks if you're a guy.) Eventually the clothes will come off..and everyone's gonna know you weren't that endowed. The same goes with dating. Everyone is on their very best behavior. Bringing the A game.

Take for example Mr. Boobies and I. When he met me, he thought I was the sweetest, most soft spoken, agreeable woman he'd ever met. "Oh yeah, I totally love cheap beer and Rambo movies." I said in my best bedroom voice while twirling a piece of my hair. But hell to the no--I didn't love beer and I loathe Rambo. (Sorry boys.) What I really wanted to do was drink Patron or Stoli Elit and buy a new Coach bag. But I wasn't going to tie him down with that strategy.

Before you get all judgy on me...Mr. B was no angel either. For the first 6 months we were together, I thought he was the first man God made that didn't pass gas. He couldn't push gifts at me quick enough. (Now I have to hide the gifts I buy for myself with his money.) He was tender and understanding. He hung on every word I said like I was delivering a personal message from Jesus. He opened the doors for me. He was sympathetic when I was on my period. Because he knew he was going to have to run that game to seal the deal.

I hung out in the garage with him while he worked on his Harley. I woke up before he did in the mornings just to brush my teeth and put on full makeup...so he would think I woke up naturally beautiful. This part of the story could be true...you don't know!

We were both bullshitting. False advertising. Because I hate how the garage smells and he couldn't have given two shits if I was on the rag. But we were playing the game. And then checkmate! We got married. Locked each other down and BAM! He does fart...a lot and on purpose. I'm only soft spoken and super sweet if I want something. He doesn't open the door for me and now instead of hanging on my every syllable, he tries his best to tune me out.

Now don't get me wrong here--we adore each other. Mr. Boobies would be lost without me and could never find anyone that could measure up to me. He'll admit that to you any day of the week. *Unless he just got the credit card statement. And I worship him...I truly do. He's amazing. Everything I ever wanted in a man and then some. Strong, confident, masculine, funny, charming, sexy....(did I mention the credit card bill is coming any day now?)

But dating is just a big, complicated game. Who can sell themselves best? Come off the most appealing? But you have to admit...it's kinda fun!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bad Girl Bloggers

A lot of you probably already know that I usually write up a Top Ten for Bad Girl Bloggers on Tuesdays, but for those of you who don't, today's the day you need to go read it!

It's a Fucking Top Ten of the most Fucktastic Music, Celebs, etc.

Check it out!

Bad Girl Bloggers Button

Monday, February 21, 2011

Taking a Break!

So, I'm taking a little break. I left you all with a giveaway, I've scheduled a few things and set up several awesome guest posts to keep you entertained until I return :) Don't miss them, these ladies are great! J-man's Birthday is almost here and I'm taking him out of town so I'll literally be gone for part of my break, and the rest of it I will be catching up at work and home on other projects. So enjoy all my friends, (Including my girl J!) don't forget the giveaway, and I'll see you in March!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ready for Tonight!

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I'm joining up with Boobies and Christy for Fuck You Friday!

For starters, fuck working. I'm exhausted this week and I could really use a few days just to sleep in and relax! And I don't want to hear anyone say that is what the weekends are for! My weekends are just as busy (if not more so) than the rest of the week!

I love my sister with everything that is in me, but fuck this showing up unannounced shit! Having a 14 year old around seriously changes my plans and I don't like surprises like that! (My father receives the majority of the blame for this)

Fuck these people who think that because they wait until the last minute to get their shit together that I have to rush around to make their life easy! *Lack of preparation on your part does not constitute a crisis for me!*

I'm pretty sure I had a few more, but I just got the ok to take lunch at the end of the day. So since I get to meet my man for a quickie I'm suddenly in a much better mood :)

Check out the giveaway I posted yesterday and have a great weekend :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pin-up Vibe and Bombshell Balm: Review and Giveaway

Babeland.com sent me this Pin-Up Vibe and Bombshell Balm for review. When it came in the mail I was excited about the artwork on the front of the tin. I've always had a thing for Boudoir Photography. As soon as I have the extra money I'm hoping to do that myself. So that's always what I think of when I see pin-up artwork.

I received the Nancy Tin which comes with a silver bullet vibe, the Bombshell Balm, and an extra N battery. I really like that it comes with an extra battery since N is a size that I'm not going to have on hand at home. There are three different collectible Pin-Up Tins, and the bullets come in Silver, Red, and Copper.

The bullet is a simple three setting bullet and the outer material is a hard plastic that has a hammered-like texture. The weight and buzzy noise of the vibe originally struck me as a novelty item. The vibrations are different though. On the lowest setting they are almost rumbly. Either way, this three-speed bullet is more than capable of getting the job done! On the highest level it is fairly strong. It is one of those vibes that is definitely louder if you turn it on just to look at it, that it is when you're actually using it pressed against your body. It really wasn't to loud though.

The only thing I didn't love was that the button on the bottom of the bullet that changes the speeds wasn't the easier to push, so I fumbled some trying to switch speeds.

The bullet is 'splash proof, but I don't suggest it for play in the tub. The Bombshell balm has a lip-balm like consistency. It has a cooling sensation and makes your lady parts all tingly. I am a fan of clit stimulating gels and balms. I don't, however, agree that they make orgasms more powerful per say. My experience was that I love the sensation and it can make me want sex more, it may even change the sensation of the toy enough to get me off faster, but it doesn't really change the power of the orgasm itself.
Overall I really liked it and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a simple bullet for their collection with a few fun extras!

One lucky person is going to win a collector's vibe and balm all for themselves, compliments of Babeland.com!

Mandatory Entry: Comment with your e-mail address and tell us if you've ever had a sexy photo shoot before. If not, do you want to?

Extra Entries:

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Leave a comment with any suggestions for contest themes you'd like to see.

Giveaway runs through March 6th 11:59 PM EST

I was provided this product free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review. No other compensation was received for this review. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From Single's Awareness Day to Valentine's Day

So in college my friends and I always celebrated Single's Awareness Day. It never failed that we were all always single when February 14th rolled around. It became tradition for us to dress sexy in black and go out together for drinks and dinner. So that has been my mindset for at least seven years. This year though, I celebrated Valentine's Day. Not in an over-the top way, but just spending with with my boyfriend and doing stuff that we loved.

This year was incredible. I am so in love with my boyfriend. He really is awesome, and I love every minute I'm with him. Valentine's Day ended up being the entire weekend for us. I was super shocked when he showed up with flowers and wine Friday night because it wasn't our Valentine's Day yet! But he said they were "I"m sorry your week sucked" flowers and wine. (FYF)

Saturday night we went for Italian and then saw 'Just Go With It'. I loved it by the way! He brought me chocolates and a dozen roses. It was really sweet and he spent the night. This was technically our Valentine's Day date because I was on-call Monday night and I was afraid to make plans other than just hanging out at home.

Monday night we both worked late so he just brought take-out to my house and we hung out there. I knew we were exchanging cards but I thought the presents were done. Then he brings me this bag and it's a little heavy. So I open it, and what did he get me?

The JimmyJane Knead Me Set!!! I'm sooo excited! Like I said we'd both worked late and actually ate dinner first so we didn't have time to use it then, but I can't wait!! Then of course we had lots of really good sex, and good conversation.

One of my good friends got engaged Monday night, so Congrats A!

I hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day, and if you are still celebrating Single's Awareness Day I hope you had a lot of fun with that too! I know I certainly enjoyed all those times with my single friends.

Not really Valentine's related, but J-man came over last night and says, "So I just got a really interesting e-mail. It appears that I won a contest."

"What contest?" I asked. Because you see, yesterday True Pleasures announced the winner of the Liberator Heart Wedge and I was a little bitter I didn't win. I never win anything anymore and I'm getting a little jaded with contests.

"I saw it on your twitter." So he grins, and I'm thinking what the hell are you doing trolling my twitter. But I didn't say that, cause then I remembered I had given him 'permission' to look on twitter, I just continued to ask that he not stalk the blog. Anyway, so I'm thinking a lot faster than I can type and it hits me that the Heart Wedge was the only contest I'd entered lately. HE WON THE HEART WEDGE!

How cool is that?! I was so excited, I had no idea he'd entered, much less that he'd created a twitter account. So anyway, yay for that. AND, he used my affiliate links to buy my present :) He assured me that he only landed here long enough to click-thru so I would get credit. Not that I hide anything, but you know.

So yeah, great Valentine's Day, great boyfriend. Life is good :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who wears short shorts?

Well, I don't wear short shorts, but that's not the point. This weeks Erogenous Zone in Lilly's series of sex blog prompts is the Legs. For me, my calves aren't really all that sensitive. I can't think of anything that you could do to them that would get me excited, my upper thighs though? Well, that's a horse of a different color ;)

My upper thighs are so sensitive touch. I love it when he grips my thighs for leverage or nibbles just inside my knee. Obviously the higher up the inside of my thigh he goes the more sensitive I become. I love it when he uses his mouth, but hands are nice too.

He likes to nip and bite at the inside of my thighs, and generally speaking I love it. There are times when I'm just too sensitive. Many times just after I've orgasmed or if it's near the end of my cycle I'm just way too sensitive to be able to enjoy it, but I do love it.

Next week's zone are the sex organs! I'm going to be taking a break but I'll still schedule that one to go up. Check out Lilly's place for everyone else's post and see what she had to say.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fuck You Friday... on Saturday

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I'm a day late, but who the hell cares!

FUCK YOU FRIDAY, literally. Friday was a crazy stressful day!

Fuck you people who apparently think I don't have enough work to do. Im sure you're right, that must be while I'm months behind on my filing.

Fuck Court Dockets that chage up to and even during scheduled hearings causing me to waste over an hour of my work day.

Fuck friends who take advantage of your friendship and use their 'job' to get information they have no business having. I know this one is a little vauge but I have a 'friend' who compromised my clients confidentiality for personal reasons and that just pisses me off.

Fuck all the germs that are keeping everyone sick. J-man has been sick this week and it's thrown a kink in our weekend. (Not the good kind of kink!)

Ok, that will do for now.
Check out Boobies and Christy if you missed everyone's posts yesterday!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

21 Questions with Daisy!


1. Do you like your feet to touch when having sex?
No, I'm far too ticklish so unless you want me to kick you hard, don't!
2. If your love life was a movie what would the title be?
Worth the Wait
(Cheesy yes, but I'm a girl in love!)
3. Orgasm eyes open or closed?
Closed usually
4. Have you ever been to a sex club, swinger club or sex party?
Nope, sounds like fun though
5. How many years difference is appropriate for having sex with someone...example is it appropriate for a 36 year old to be with a 20 year old?
Truthfully, I don't care as long as you aren't messing with minors!
6. Does your partner know all your favorite positions?
Yeah, I'd say so
7. What would your porn star name be?
What D Scandal isn't good enough?
8. Have you ever done a body shot?
9. Kissed someone of the same sex?
Not as an adult, haha
10. Have you ever screamed out the wrong name during the heat of the moment?
11. are socks on during sex a turn on or off?
12. How big is too big for penis size?
Haven't seen that one yet ;)
Pretty sure mine don't anymore
14. Who usually initiates the foreplay in your relationship?
We both do
15. Do you like to be teased?
16. Do you like your hair pulled?
oh yeah
17. How do you feel about long distance relationships and can they work?
I'm sure that there are people who can make them work, I'm not one of those people I don't think.
18.How much money would it take to have sex with someone you were not attracted to?
Doubt you could pay me enough
19. What would your SEX license plate say?
TIEDUP (Vanity plates can be all letters right?)
20. Does biting turn you on?
Oh hell yes! I guess I should show you the marks sometime ;)

21. sex in a barn full of cows and horses or a outhouse at the county fair?
Seriously? Gross! I guess the barn cause at least you can find a clean spot somewhere.

Check out Daisy and join the fun!

LELO Sensual Bondage

A while back I used some of my edenfantasys gift cards to buy a set of LELO Sutra Chainlink Cuffs and the LELO Intima Blindfold. I reached a point in my sex toy shopping a while back where quality became more important than quantity. So I began to let my gift cards build up until I could afford more of the luxury toys and accessories. When I began shopping for some bondage accessories, I wanted something that would not only be strong but would also be comfortable and pretty.

When I saw this line of LELO Accessories I nearly drooled. I wanted them all! Of course for the sake of self-control, I picked two items. The chainlink cuffs, and the blindfold.

To start, if you've ever purchased a LELO product you know that their packaging is always of high quality and these were no different. Both items came in sturdy little black boxes and the contents were wrapped in white tissue paper.

The materials are just beautiful. Starting with the Sutra Cuffs, the inside of the cuffs are lined with this beautiful printed satin and the cuff itself is made out of a sturdy suede material. The links are attached to satin ties. The lined cuffs measure five and a half inches. On the tightest link it would snuggly fit a six inch wrist, and on the last link it would fit a nine inch wrist. So you can see that they certainly adjust to fit most people easily. Since I have actually used the cuffs for restraint I can tell you that they are as strong as they are beautiful, and so much more comfortable than some of the cheaper options I've tried.

The Blindfold, made from the same satin materials is gorgeous, and while it has beautiful long ties to secure the blindfold, it also has an elastic band at the back so that it stays secured for everyone. It stretches to fit 21-24 inches with the sashes to tie if you need to tighten it further. It was very well made and despite plenty of tossing and turning *grins* it stayed in place until it was intentionally removed.

I loved these items. I was very pleased with my edenfantasys purchase and I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to introduce some sensual bondage into your bedroom. You will not be disappointed!

Most images borrowed from edenfantasys.com. The above items were purchased by myself and a review was not required. This post contains affiliate links. The above is an unbiased review and all opinions expressed are my own. This post was written as a part of the Edenfantasys Ambassador program and I was provided a gift card for the post.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wrap them around me...

I've been participating in Lilly's series of sex blog prompts on Erogenous Zones. This week's zone/s are Arms. Generally speaking these prompts are about our own bodies and what about the zones are erogenous for you. I must admit though what he can do to my arms is fairly limited. Aside from using them to pin me down. I like to be pined down.

I love when he holds my wrists down against the bed so that I can't use my hands.

Last week I had a bruise on my upper arm and I thought it was a bite mark at first then he realized it was a thumb print. I love to feel the strong resistance when he has me pined down my my arms. That's about as far as it goes for me.

Now his arms? That's different. I love the feel of his arms around me. I feel enclosed and warm and I simply love it. I think it's more of an emotional reaction than a physical one, but it's strong nonetheless.

Check out Lilly to see what everyone else has to say about this week's erogenous zones!

Past Weeks: Head/Neck, Face, Hands and Feet, and Breasts and Back 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Best Women's Erotica 2011

So Babeland.com sent me a copy of Best Women's Erotica 2011 for review. I love erotica, as most of you can tell I'm sure. This collection edited by Violet Blue is amazing. Each story will have you holding your breath, feeling the anticipation of the characters. There are nineteen short stories, beginning with 'Changing my Tune' which is a different point of view on the local ice cream truck, and a very naughty view at that. It wraps up with 'Abigail's Ice Cream', a very intriguing story about what could've been an ordinary day's work that ends with a tryst between an ice cream lady and two young strong men who are eager for a taste of what she has to offer.

With nineteen stories written by both familiar and new names, this collection was a very satisfying read. There is plenty of kink woven into the stories. You can read Amelia Thornton's 'Chlorine' for a tale of punishment from a young girl's mistress, or Donna George Storey's 'Fresh Canvas' for a story about one woman's empowerment through her participation in "bukkake" parties. Perhaps my favorite story was Alyssa Turner's 'Two for One' where a tired business woman gets much more than she bargained for when two masseuses battle for her tip.

This collection was a highly satisfying read and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys erotica or maybe wants to give it a try for the first time.

I received this product free of charge in return for an unbiased review. I received no other compensation for this review and all opinions are my own.

Monday, February 7, 2011


So the winner of the Red Hot Romance Contest is....... Angel!

Her Entry won with 12 votes.

I'll be e-mailing you to get your mailing info and I will send it out tomorrow and hopefully you will have it in time for you Valentine's Day celebrations :)

Thanks to all of the entrants, you can see how close the votes were! I wish I could give out second and third prizes too, I loved all your stories!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Death by Communion

I'm too young to die! Yet here I sit, struggling to breath basically. (Not really anymore, don't worry) We had communion at church this morning and apparently not only have I developed an allergy to latex, I've developed some kind of food allergy. The bread that we use in communion is an unleavened bread that they believe would be close to the type of bread Christ would've eaten at the last supper. Meaning it doesn't taste very good and has an unpleasant texture. It's communion though so I don't complain. Until today, because apparently there is something in there that I am allergic to. For the last ten minutes of the service I thought it might be a panic attack. I have those sometimes so my goal was just to get home and lay down. Of course on the way home it seemed to get worse. The tightness in my chest came in spasms, and it would literally take my breath away.

I'm not a hypocondriac so I didn't think I was having a heart attack or anything, but this was insane! So as I got closer to home I remembered my mom having her first allergic reaction a few weeks ago and I was like, 'Ok, get benedryl.'

So I got benedryl, and now it's getting better. I've been on the phone with my mom who thinks I'm going to be ok but wants me to go to the doctor tomorrow so they can give me an epi pen in case it happens again. J-man is going to come over and keep me complany since I managed to completely freak myself out for a few mintues. Now the benedryl is making me sleepy so I'm going to take a nap instead of shopping for my sister's birthday. :-(

Just imagine the headlines: Young girl killed by allergic reaction to communion... geez.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

As soon as the nausea subsides...

I do promise that I will write something good again soon. I've been sick the past few days and I still feel really puny and nauseous today. I caught a stomach flu and D doesn't do sick very well.

Don't forget to vote in the Red Hot Romance Contest. You only vote once so read all the stories and make it count!

If you want some of my stuff I've had a few postings go up on Eden Cafe this week. I was that girl is a nice summary of my love life for anyone who may be new.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Night Spent In

You light a candle as you show her your new card game, just a little something to get the evening started. As things heat up you offer her a sensual massage to rub away the day's tension. She's moaning beneath your hands and you offer her a heart shaped pillow to take some pressure off of her back. You whisper in her ear about the new toy you bought to share, then show her what that pillow is really for.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Time to vote!



Alright, it's time to vote!! you'll find links to the entries as well as the poll in the sidebar! Voting will be open February 1st-6th. Entrants can post the button on their blogs to direct their readers to read and vote. Just a reminder, the winner gets a Tantric Massage Candle and Tingle Gele in Strawberry with a vibrating cock ring.