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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When he puts his mouth right there....

Right behind my ear. That's one of the spots that really gets me going. Feeling his wet tongue and hot breath at the juncture of neck and earlobe sends a chill straight through me. My nipples go hard and I immediately get wet. Sigh. I absolutely love that spot.

I've always been into biting too, so any bites will get me going. Again though, the neck and earlobes are super sensitive to this type of thing.

Also, I love it when he plays with the nape of my neck. I have long hair so this is an area that isn't normally exposed. But once when I was wearing a ponytail I was lucky enough to find out just how aroused I could be when he licked and nibbled that spot. Needless to say I pull my hair back a little more often now.

I've honestly never been with anyone who pulled my hair, but I really love it when he weaves his fingers through it and massages my scalp. It turns me on even if we're just kissing, but when I'm giving him oral and he massages my scalp? Not pushing me or guiding me, but literally just mussing my hair and massaging my scalp? Wow.

I'm joining with with Lilly over at This Could Get Dangerous for a series of sex blogger prompts. This week was the Head/Neck. Next week will be the Face. Go check her out!

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