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Friday, January 28, 2011

Red Hot Romance Entry #3

Naomi’s shift was almost over. She had been at the club since 3, and it was almost 11! These afternoon shifts were killing her. If the tips were better, she wouldn’t have a problem with it, but it seems like the afternoon and early evening guys just wanted to watch. She had only done 3 VIP dances all day!

She stood up and looked at herself in the dressing room mirror. Adjusting her white lace bikini top and booty shorts, she leaned forward to check her make-up. Wishing they allowed the dancers to wear glitter, she sighed. Reaching down, she laced the strings of her stilettos up to just below her knees.

Walking to the entry of the stage, she glanced at the clock. If she didn’t get a VIP offer while she was on stage, she would change and leave when her set was over…

“Now please help me welcome to the stage, the girl with legs so long you have to go UP on her, NAOMIIIIIIIII!!!!!”

The first few notes of her 1st song started and she pushed back the curtain. The lights spun as she stepped out on stage and momentarily blinded her. Luckily, she had been working here long enough to know her way to the pole.

Wrapping one arm around it, she stepped, swinging her body slowly around. Leaning with her spine pressed against the cold metal, she kicked one leg up and slid down along the pole until she felt her ass touch the floor. Spreading her legs, she ran her hands along the inside of her thighs, up her stomach, and to her breast. Cupping each one lightly, she flicked her thumbs across each nipple.

Crawling across the stage, she reached her first tip. Gazing up in to his eyes, she licked her lips and tossed her hair. Leaning into his lap, she purred into his pants lifting her ass high in the air. Sitting back up, she flipped away from him and slid her shorts down. Her bikini top followed the path her shorts made, finding its way to the back of the stage. Smiling, she held out her garter.

She worked her way from man to man until she reached a timid girl at the end of the stage.
Glancing down, she noticed her hair. Brown with a hint of blonde. Long. Real long. Straight. Her breast, not too big, not to small, sat perfectly on her chest. Her waist, narrow. Hips, small. Legs, perfect. But her clothes? She was wearing a shirt at least a size too big, and a skirt that she kept tugging down. Naomi’s eyes traveled back up the girls’ body as she walked toward her. She was chewing on her lip, and kept glancing over her shoulder.

Naomi’s eyes followed the girl’s gaze [under her eyelashes, of course] to the most perfect man she had ever seen.

Reaching the girl, she slid her hand behind her neck and gently wrapped her hand around her hair. A slight tug, pulled the girls head slightly back and Naomi moaned in her ear. Slowly bending her knees, she ran her lips ever so close to the girls’ body, grasping gently, so the girl was sure to feel her breath.

Thinking she was just giving a show Mr. Perfect, Naomi knelt on her hand and knees and smacked her ass. Pulling out her T-Bar, she glanced up into the girls eyes. The girl looked over her shoulder and leaned close to Naomi’s ear. Holding up a $100 bill, she said “We would like you to meet us at the address on the bill at midnight.”

Naomi lowered her eyelashes and glanced back at Mr. Perfect. He winked and she whispered “I’ll be there at 11:30.”

At 11:20, Naomi stepped out of the cab and walked into the Plaza Hotel. She was wearing a black trench coat with nothing underneath but heels. She walked over to the desk to ask what floor she needed to be on.

The Penthouse? She hed really thought the “P” meant Plaza!!

Taking the elevator up to the Penthouse, she touched up her lipstick, and rubbed her pussy. She was in for a night!

Darkness met her as she stepped out of the elevator. “Hello?” She called. “Hi!” She heard twice. From the left, a man, from the right, the girl from the club……

The man spoke next. “We’re going to reach out and take your hands. That way you don’t trip. The light will never come on. You won’t see our faces again.”

Naomi untied her coat and let it slide to the floor. She whispered, “Ok.” and reached out her hands. She felt fingers brushing against each at almost the same moment. His hand was just slightly quicker. She felt them toughing her forward, so she started walking.

“Step up.” the girl whispered.

“Turn around” he said and they both let go of her hands. Naomi turned and she felt his hands push her back gently. She felt the bed on the back of her thighs. It shifted slightly, and then she felt something cool on her face.

A blindfold.

The girl tied the blindfold around Naomi’s eyes as the man slid his arms across her waist. As soon as her eyes were tightly covered, he pushed her back across the bed. Naomi felt the girls’ nipples brush against her mouth. Once, twice. She opened her lips and caught one the third time.

The man parted her legs and wrapped them around his waist. As he started running his hands up her thighs, Naomi locked her ankles behind his back. The girl was sucking on the underside of her breast. Her fingers running lightly over her nipples. Naomi’s hands reached up to pull the girl over her face. Sticking out her tongue, Naomi runs it along the girls’ folds and to her clit.

The man bent down to give Naomi the same think she was giving his girl. Sliding his tongue deep inside her, he ran his teeth over her clit. Naomi moaned into the girl, and stated lapping rougher. Her hands cupping the girls’ ass, massaging her cheeks and pushing her closer to her lips.

Naomi felt the man pulling back. He positioned the head of his dick against her hole, and told her to “Come get it.” Naomi tried shifting down, but the weight of the girl prevented it. Naomi placed her hands on the girls’ hips and lifted her enough to flip over and push the girl in front of her, on her back.

Naomi pulled the girls pussy to her mouth as she slid back and pushed his waiting dick inside her. All 3 of them groaned. The man placed a hand on each of Naomi’s hips and started fucking her, pushing her face deep in to the girl. Naomi’s tongue plunging in and out her of hole, the thumb of her right hand rubbing the girls’ clit.

As the man placed his thumb against Naomi’s ass, she tightened up, coming. Hard and long. Her pussy tensing, milking the cum out of his dick. Her moans sending pulses in to the girls’ clit, causing her to cum on Naomi’s face.

When Naomi woke up, she was alone. Beside her on the bed was the blindfold and a stack of money. She counted it, and discovered it was $10,000. Written on the last bill was an address, date and time. Also added was, “Put the blindfold on before you knock.”

Submitted by Just Jen


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