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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Red Hot Romance Entry #1

He had bad boy written all over him, tattoos and scars and a boyish grin that softened the heart. Jasmine knew he could be dangerous but finding herself in her forties and reaching her peak it was a risk she was willing to take. They met through another person and became instant friends. He had a past that belied the man she saw before her. Freely admitting his mistake and talking openly about it put her instantly at ease. His accent cracked her up, you could tell he was not from around her area, not even close.Being around him simply made her giddy, like a teenage girl with her first crush. But at 40 something she realized she was no spring chicken anymore, and the women he picked were nothing like Jasmine. So she was content to just be his friend, although at night, or in the middle of the day when he crossed her mind she could envision so much more.

She needed passion not predictability. She wanted intensity not timidity and tameness. Jasmine wanted to be taken and simply done till she could not get done anymore. He was more then willing to fill that need for her, anytime, anyplace.

They had been watching each other for weeks now, she would often feel him staring at her from across the room. She was sure that her face matched her red hair when he caught her looking at him. Jasmine's eyes would slowly saunter down his frame. His dark hair just long enough to begin to curl, the well defined neck across the shoulders that were covered in tattoos. She thought about her nails digging into those shoulders, her teeth grazing the soft flesh of his back as she tasted her way down him. Jasmine mentally traced each and every tattoo in her mind, her tongue weaving it's way across his soft warm flesh and hearing him moan in pleasure. His voice was deep and gravelly and she would close her eyes and hear him saying her name. Often having to stop herself in her tracks to catch her own breath, certain she was flushed at the very thought of being that close to him.

One day called needing a place to stay for a while. Another relationship gone bad, and of course she obliged. It didn't take long for her to realize this situation could prove to be her downfall as far as her thoughts towards him were concerned.

It was one thing for her to see him here and there, now he would be in her presence every day, and until he got his truck fixed all day. At first things between them were friendly and casual, Jasmine maintained a proper distance, despite wanting to simply be next to him. Something about Jake took her breath away, literally. She felt like a giddy teenage girl anytime he was near and this new closeness was driving her insane. Many times Jasmine would go lay in her bed in the middle of the day to simply find a spot where she wasn't in close proximity to him. But he invaded her thoughts even there. By day three of Jake staying with them she was on the verge of a sexual explosion that she wasn't certain she could withstand.

It happened on Sunday afternoon as she was hanging up clothes. The kids were playing video games and watching TV in their rooms  Jake came to the back porch looking for her to ask a question. Jasmine did not hear him approach and when he spoke she nearly jumped out of her skin.

"Jasmine would you care if I did a few pieces of my clothes? I don't want to be a burden but I kind of left a lot of things behind to just get away, if you know what I mean." Jake was literally six inches away, so close she had to restrain herself from breathing deeply to simply get his aroma in her head.With a quivering voice she answered, " Just toss them in with ours I can wash them, no sense in doing a bunch of extra loads when I am already washing."

Jake stepped closer to her and Jasmine stood as still as she could. Her heartbeat sounded like a bass drum in her head , she felt her body trembling with him this close to her. Gradually she looked him in the eye and could not look away. Her brain was screaming for her to look anywhere but directly at him, and she could not. His eyes were this cross between a blue and gray that was simply beautiful, he looked her right in her eye and she saw the boyish grin come to his face.

Jasmine giggled kind of nervously, hoping beyond hope he could not read her thoughts right now. Jake popped his head around the door to the kitchen, taking a quick look before stepping up to her face to face. His hands made their way to the back of her neck tilting her chin up to make her look at him completely. Her eyes tried to shift away, tried to settle on those beautiful defined pec muscles that were visible even through his shirt. His hands on either side of her face he moved in to her and kissed her. Soft at first and then with more fervor his tongue forcing its way into her mouth. She didn't even try to fight him. One hand stayed behind her head as his other hand made it's way to the small of her back, pulling all of her into him. She felt him through the clothing, every inch of him nestled against every inch of her. Her fingers laced in his hair at the back of his head and her other hand rested on his strong chest. She half heartedly pushed him away, and yet the other hand was pulling him closer. Jasmine didn't even take a breath, her body was burning and her chest was tight, and she was certain she was going to explode right in that instant. Finally he stopped kissing her long enough to look her in the eye. Looking away, flushed with arousal, wanting to get out of this now tiny laundry room and wanting him to simply take her there, Jasmine was breathless even now. The fine hairs on her arm stood on end and she felt the molten arousal slowly rise from her thighs up her body until her face was blood red. Jake leaned into her ear, and she caught her breath , " I want you in the very worst way. I want to see you satisfied and content laying in my arms and knowing I put that look on your face. Don't push it away because you feel like it is wrong. Let me give that to you. Not now but soon. I want to satisfy that longing I see when I look you in the eye. "

Jasmine said nothing, simply nodded. She wasn't sure she could speak and if she did it would simply come out as a whimper at this point she was sure. He scared her and excited her all at once. Jake made her body respond in a way it had not in a long time, she felt no guilt or shame and even that scared her. But the thought of NOT having him nearby was scarier.

The rest of the day Jake found ways to touch her, whether it be in passing or simply cornering her somewhere and kissing her. Each time Jasmine was left speechless and trembling. Her body was literally going to places it had not even visited in a long time. She would stop and remember the feel of his hands on her body and the same feelings would rise up in her, as if she was there again. Her body would tremble and she would hear herself gasp for air. Jake of course was doing everything he could get away with to torture her even more. Brushes up against her as she stood at the sink, hands reaching into her thick red hair and pulling it so lightly. Jake even got behind her at one point and pulled her head back against his chest as his mouth bit at the soft flesh of her neck. If he had not been behind her Jasmine would have certainly crumpled to the floor in a puddle.

The next morning after she had gotten her children out the front door to the bus Jake came up behind her. One hand made it's way to her hair and the other shut the front door as soon as he saw them get on the bus for school. She crumpled against him, her heart pounding in her chest once more. His hands groped at her pulling at her white wife beater, leading her from behind to the bedroom. When she got to the door she nearly ran out, knowing if she said no Jake would accept it but do his absolute best to change her mind. Once behind the bedroom door he slowed his pace, taking a deep breath to regain his own control. Jasmine was breathing heavy, looking him in the eye and Jake saw just how badly she needed this. He wanted to feel every quiver, every twitch, every sigh. As Jake led Jasmine to her bed she began to panic, and she pushed away from him quickly. Overwhelmed with all she was feeling and the room spinning she whispered, " I am scared"..

Jake was shocked and he stopped to lay beside her and ask her gently , " What are you scared of??I would never hurt you, you know that right. I will walk out of here right now if you want me to but I am hoping you don't want me to"

Jasmine, still trembling voice cracking answered, " Not of you never of you, of all I am feeling. I am not sure I can handle all of this. Do you know how intense this is right now, how overpowering and mind blowing. I have never felt something like this ever. I want you no I need you. Like I need my next breath I need this"
His mouth met hers , tongue teasing the edge of her lips that hungrily chased after it. Jake grabbed her wrists and put her hands over her head and began a slow descent down her body. Through the t-shirt he could see her dark brown nipples straining at the tightness of the shirt on her body. His mouth went to her neck , her back arched upwards  into him, her hips grinding and a soft moan escaped her mouth. Jake recognized those trembles in her body and he whispered in her ear, " did you come already?"  Jasmine moaned softly as she nodded her head. Jake realized that this may be more intense then he could have ever imagined. He knew that the last 4 days of teasing her had been just as difficult on him. Even now his manhood was throbbing at being this close. He didn't know what she had done to him, but he knew he liked it. Jasmine writhed against him, her back arching her closer and closer to him, begging him to take her now. Jake slowly slid up the bed, his hands releasing her as she saw his long shaft nearing her. She went for it hungrily, he was too long for her to take all of him but she could absolutely take enough to make him tremble. Her tongue was wrapped around his throbbing cock like a comfortable robe, knowing it's perfect place to lick and tease. Her hands digging at the soft flesh of his back as she pulled him into her. Jake wraps his fingers in her hair as he feels the rising of his own desire and finally pulls himself away. Hand reaching for her waist to remove the only thing that stood between him and paradise the small boy shorts she was wearing. Jake traced the outline of her now throbbing vulva through the cotton of the panties. She bucked against him wildly, another loud moan escaping her mouth. Each touch, each taste of him sent her over the next edge of passion. Jasmine's head was swimming and she knew that she wanted him in her now in this moment. She tried to slow her own breathing and get control back over her own body but it was not to be. Jake had total control of her right now and she was loving it. Her hands found their way to his strong chest and she dug her nails into the soft giving flesh. That was enough to spur Jake on, he removed her shorts forcefully and slid deftly between her legs. She arched to meet him and felt as every inch of him drove into her body. He was larger then she thought and it was mixed with pain and pleasure. His first thrust was enough to make her cum again, hard and the waves of her pussy slamming around him like a vice grip. Jake tried to talk to her but he couldn't find the words. Suddenly he found himself on his own edge, suddenly he was the one out of control. He stopped all motion and grabbed her wrists once more to hold them over her head. His weight on her wrists made her buck all the more, grinding herself into him. Jake leaned over and bit her erect nipple, driving himself deeper into her throbbing pussy. The smell of her arousal was heavy and strong in the room, the bed beneath her soaked with her juices as they covered him, each drop being moved out by her spasming walls. His breathing became shallow as he simply lay inside her feeling every muscle twitch every jolt of passion that she could give. His own body arching deeper into her, as a guttural moan escaped his lips. Their mouths met as their bodies began to move without any direction from their minds. It was instinctual now. Stroke for stroke she matched him, never letting him get too far from her. He growled at her, " What the hell do you have for that pussy, I don't EVER get close this quick, Damn woman you can hurt a man with that thing."

Jasmine looked at him with her dark brown eyes and smiled as she purred, " I have trained those muscles well but currently I have no control over them. I take it that was a compliment."

Jake grinned and said " hell yeah"

It became a cat and mouse game of who would give first. Each one nearing the edge and her gladly leaping off of it. Each time he would feel the hot stickiness of her cum covering him. Just when Jake thought she could not get any hotter or tighter her entire body would spasm and he would be proven wrong. Finally his fingers tightened on her wrists as he buried his face in her neck she whispered to him, " I want you to cum with me this time" Despite his desire to keep going he could not take much more. Both of them were already sweating and the temperature in the room had risen by at least 20 degrees he was sure. One final arch by her and she began rhythmically  tightening and loosening her already tight pussy around him. Jake focused on the feeling and realized it was not simply a clamp and release, she was controlling which muscle tightened, one by one starting at the top and working her way down his now painfully throbbing cock. As she came one last time he pulled out and finished himself on her stomach. Her hands reaching for him Jake fell onto the bed next to her as she gasped for air. Their mouths met once more hungrily tongues dancing around each other and hands tracing each others bodies . Jake looked at Jasmine and said " That was not my best, you have messed me up, I can go much longer then that and I have never ever gotten that close that quick. What the hell have you done to me?"

Jasmine smiled and said, 'I could ask you the same. But I am not complaining about that let me tell you, that was amazing and intense and exactly what I wanted and apparently needed far more then I could have imagined."

Jake hopped up and whispered in her ear, " Just wait that is just a prelude,there is more then you will ever imagine still to come.. I want to see where your limits are and take you over them."

Jasmine curled up in the blankets of her bed, a soft grin on her face and said, "Bring it"

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