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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Vagina is Broken

Warning: Some people will consider this TMI. If you are concerned that your delicate nature cannot take it turn away now. 

I've truly had a rough couple of days. Between the loss of a friend, stress at work, and general annoyance at home apparently my pleasure center is broken. I've finally been getting some regular sex again since the discovery of my latex allergy and the purchase of non-latex condoms. Last night I was really looking for some release, and much to my dismay, it wouldn't come. (no pun intended)

No fault of J-man's (trust me he tried, a few times) and everything still felt good, but I just wasn't getting quite over that peak. I've never had an issue with orgasms, in fact in the past I've been one who easily has a handful in an evening, but not last night.

I'm seriously on edge today. I'm positive it's because of all the stress I've been feeling, but it's quite annoying nonetheless.


Lady Estrogen said...

I know how ya feel - I had that for 18mths, sista. It sucked balls!

Hope the 'vag sees happier days soon. ;)

Ladii said...

LMAO Hun poor you I went through that for a bit after baby was born and also with my vibe ikept thinking i was broken, Hope you get to destress soon and get back to normal. I have a latex allergy but have never used on latex condoms I deal with the allergy LMAO... Thansk for the Birthday wishes, I hope tonight goes better too!

CB said...

Mr. CB says he hopes my vag never breaks!!!

<3 you woman.

Brandi said...

Get well soon! Hope you get that Vag fixed up and quick...No release is awful and I dont wish it on my worst enemy (ok so mabye my worst but not my regular enemies)


Red Shoes said...

As Warren Zevon would have said...

"Your shit's fucked up..."