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Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday with D

That's right, Missie is just going to have to deal this week. I've had a crazy/great/stressful couple of weeks and I want to talk about it!

Where to start?! Ok, so I've developed a latex allergy... I'll let that sink in......... yeah, it took my mom a few minutes too. So you can imagine the difficult couple of weeks I've had making that discovery.

I haven't been able to see my girl J since New Year's, and we haven't really gotten a chance to talk about anything. I'm going through friendship withdrawals! We had plans for tonight but now we've gotten more snow than we've seen in about 10 or so years and everyone is staying in.

On to the positives :) some of you might've seen on twitter Friday that my 14 year old sister decided to crash at my house Friday and J-man and I had 'plans'. So in a stroke of brilliance, we fled to the mountains for the night. We had a nice dinner, some great sex, and then walked around Saturday morning checking out little shops and had lunch at a local pub before driving home.

It was wonderful and we had so much fun. I got to see him last night too and he told me something that made my heart smile. No it wasn't three words, but it was special and personal. So I'm pretty happy today :)

That would be the road and my driveway.
Did I mention that it was snowing?! Yep, bigger than the last time and probably sticking us indoors for a couple of days. We've probably gotten seven inches already and it's still coming. It's so pretty and I love any day that I don't have to go into work! So I also get to catch up on my blog reading today and get ready for my next contest.

I really love running these contests :) So much fun! It's going up next monday so be getting ready! Check out the Writing Contests Page for a head-start ;)

Also, still asking for votes on Joanna's Surprise over at Erotic Stories and Toys.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and that anyone who's getting this snow is enjoying it!

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