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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good things come to those who wait....

Of course, when people said that to me over the past two years I wanted to punch them in their optimistic little faces. No joke, I wanted to knock their teeth right out. Of course, working for an agency that advocates against violence, I clenched my fists and kept my job.

Today I'm really realizing that what they tried to tell me is true though. My mom met J-man this weekend and today she called to tell me how much she liked him. She said, "I mean, I knew I would. Let's face it, you haven't been like this with other people you've dated. You don't like just anyone." (I've always had discretionary taste in men. If you aren't worth your salt, you aren't worth me.) I laughed when she said it though. It's very true. I was always indifferent about guys I was dating because I knew they were mediocre at best.

So for Christmas I got the coolest gift. You see, I work in an office with no windows. A while back I brought in a fake tree to add a little something and I told several people that I wanted to get a mirror that was framed as a window for the opposite wall. That way it would reflect the green and it would be like having a window.

I know, it's kinda crazy, but it's what I wanted. Apparently I mentioned this to J-man the second week we were dating. I don't actually remember that conversation, but he did. So he went and found me one and it is so neat. This is what I see when I look over my shoulder.

I got a guy in our office to help me hang it today and everyone has come by to look at it. They are absolutely gushing over it, and over him. I mean, it was a thoughtful gift. It was something I wanted, but it was unique and unassuming. I was overwhelmed when he gave it to me because he had really listened and put thought into it. I've been overwhelmed again today because everyone else sees it to, and they can see how happy I've been.

So yeah, gushing a little. He's earned it :)

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Just Jen said...

OMG! That is SO sweet. *Fucking gag me*

I like it, though. Drink? \_/

singedwingangel said...

Aww that was sweet.. and the fact that he listened and remembered is just epic in man time..