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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Erogenous Zones

This weeks Erogenous Zones are the Breasts and Back. I could go on forever I about these. I love the feeling of his hands on my back, rubbing away tension, tracing the tattoo on my right shoulder blade. He drops kisses all over my skin and each one sends a jolt of pleasure straight to the center of me.

My breasts have always been highly sensitive and I love for him to play with them, massaging them, holding the weight of them in his hands, putting them in his mouth. I'm lucky that he absolutely loves my breasts. He'd spend all day and night with them if my orgasms didn't make me so ultra sensitive afterwards.

Most specifically I love his mouth on me, anywhere and everywhere. He loves to keep his mouth on my breasts, circling my nipples with his tongue, pulling them between his teeth. The best night ever left my breasts covered with bite marks and bruises. Restraint has become necessary so that I can continue to wear everything in my wardrobe :)

See Lilly for other posts on this weeks zones!


Brandi said...

YAY! Awesome. Just saying.

I love touch. My girls absolutely love attention (exen though its seriously lacking lately)

I have a pet pev with back touch though. Some people will rub one spot continuiously and I can not stand it. I know its silly but I want serious exploriation...combo of light and heavy touches mixed with kneeding, nails, kuckles, tounge, or what ever...Is that odd??

Jim said...

I think that these areas are pretty much hot zones from a man's perspective, too . . . meaning places on you people that we love, not necessarily places that we want YOU to love on us, lol.

Must be some sort of deep biological, ancient human-type need, to approach a woman from behind . . . feeling the curve of her warm smooth buttocks agaisnt our hardness . . . the heavy firm fullness of her breasts in our large warm hands . . . kissing her soft shoulders and neck . . . perhaps softly biting . . . moving and grinding agaisnt her softly, and . . .

Well, you get the idea :-)


singedwingangel said...

I have to say my breasts are not as sensitive to light touch as they used to be. I think that has a lot to do with how big they grew with my second child..My back however.. fire me up. I love to be licked and bitten and tasted and teased.. umm you should seriously go check out my post today on my other blog lol