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Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas!

So for the first time in my lifetime we had a White Christmas, and it was honestly one of the best Christmases to date with my family. The whole thing just felt special, from start to finish. My festivites started Thursday night at my house with the first gathering for my Dad's side of the family. While I did some driving around for different things we ended up back here last night to get snowed in and the last of my sisters just left a few hours ago.

The older I get the fewer presents there are, and the closer we all seem to be. I do love my family. I understand that some people don't have great holiday experiences, which makes me all the more grateful for mine.

See my snow? It's pretty, and snow is so rarely pretty here. It's usually just ice and dirty slush. We made a redneck snowman too :)


Jen G-son said...

ack i'm so jealous!!!

Jeff said...

Us Northerners decided we should share our White Christmas this year :-P

asian dyna said...

Nice! Happy holidays!
Dyna :)

Toni Tralala said...

Look at that snowman! :) I can't wait to make my first one. <3

I know what you mean about the fewer gifts as you get older. I got used to Christmas being all about the kids. :s

Nevertheless, Happy Holidays! :)

SherilinR said...

wasn't it weird to get snow this christmas? i live in the south now, but grew up in ny, so it took me back to my childhood to see that snow on christmas day. and snowmen sure look different down here than up there. down here, they have leaves & grass bits stuck in them rather than pure snow.