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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday Link-Ups!

Ok, so Jen wants us to talk about bitches this week. Ya'll know I could talk about bitches all day long! There is the selfish bitch who doesn't take care of her child. There is the self-centered bitch who thinks that her shit doesn't stink and the world revolves around her. The bitch who cheated on my father and still cares more about her sex life than being a mother. The bitch who uses her child as a pawn to get what she wants and take advantage of good people. The other bitch who is a GROWN ASS WOMAN and turns down jobs to remain on unemployment and allow her elderly parents to pay her mortgage.

I mean, really, how am I supposed to choose here? I guess the bitchy thing that is bearing down on my right now is the one who thinks the world revolves around her. I had the pure agony pleasure of her company Saturday night. My girl J was sick, everyone was a little tired, and first she wants to show us pictures of the poor animal that she brought into her home to be neglected. We were supposed to think the dog was cute and oo and aw. She was cute, but we all know that she's going to be a terror because she'll be locked up in a crate all the time and never get any attention. So then, she starts in on the 'welt' on her arm. She may go to the doctor because it hurts to touch it. Of course, she wanted everyone to feel it.... yeah, ok. Then when the conversation wasn't about her (J asked how Burlesque was on Friday night) she had to be herself I guess.

Bitch: "I heard a lot of bad reviews for that movie."
Me:"Well, I liked it." So now you've heard a good one.
B: "I just can't stand movies with a lot of nudity."
M: "It's Burlesque. By definition there is no nudity or stripping, it's only implied." Idiot.
B: "Oh, so there aren't a lot of naked people?"
M: "No, the movie was rated PG-13." Wasn't that in your review?

She continued trying to dominate conversations and make everything about her and her stupid animals. I swear. I really do try to be sweet and tolerate, but she gets on my nerves so damn bad.

Names Will Not Be Changed To Protect The Innocent
So for the Naughty List this week, I've been as bad as I could manage!

1) I sent J-man a few stories to read this week. I wanted to guarantee that he couldn't keep his mind off of me I guess.

2) I skipped out on Trivia so that I could take advantage of the empty house and have loud, crazy sex last night. (Totally worth it!)

3) I swore I'd never have sex while my 14 year old sister was in the house, and well, I did. It was a quickie though and she never knew, so it's not that bad. I was more concerned that, since I had no idea she was coming and I'd been planning an all night session, she'd find the box of condoms and cuffs beside my bed before I got home. If she did she didn't move them or mention it, so I figure we're good. Ya know, it's hard to tell a kid not to do something when your doing it. I mean, I don't have the standard; Because I'm your mom and I said so. I'm just her sister.

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