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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa Baby Contest Entry #5

It was Christmas Eve. She was exhausted, annoyed, tense and above all else, dreading the next few days with her dysfunctional extended family which would be all cramped up into a single house. She often thought that the Griswald’s Christmas didn’t even hold a candle to the misadventures, bickering and family politics that occurred ever damn year within her family. And why did she do it? Because they’re her fucking family, dammit! Unfortunately, it’s the only one she had.

She was driving back from a last minute run to the shops – snagging up every last minute item she could possibly think that someone in her insane family might want to eat, throw or destroy in the next 48 hours. Her eyes burned with exhaustion and her mind was racing like a gerbil with ADHD on a wheel: frantically spinning, but then changing direction and losing her train of thought every couple minutes.

Then the car gave out and rolled to a stop. What the fuck? Ugh... she forgot to get gas; it was meant to be her last stop. She wanted to cry but couldn’t for some reason. She just rested her forehead on the steering wheel for a moment and tried to calm down; deep breath. She was half way between nowhere and eternity – away from the town shops and general population of humanity. She called the auto club and they said they were pretty swamped on Christmas Eve – it would be at least an hour. Perfect.

About 10 minutes had passed when she saw the headlights of a distant car coming towards her. It pulled up behind her and stopped. At first, she was nervous and locked her doors. A young man got out of his truck and walked up to her window; he looked in and smiled. Straight away she noticed his crystal blue eyes and a gorgeously crooked smile that revealed a dimple on his right cheek. There was something about him and she just knew he wasn’t a psycho or anything. She rolled down her window and said, “Hello!”
“Heck of a night ta’ be stuck ou’here then, eiye?” He smiled at her.

She couldn’t help but smile back. Not only was this young man one of the most remarkably handsome men she had seen in years (in the flesh, anyway) but he had a smooth, yet noticeable Scottish accent. She replied, “I know. It’s my luck, for sure! I’ve called the auto club.”

“Did ya want me ta’ve a look under tha hood? It’s yer lucky night! I’m quite handy with cars.”

“Can you produce gas out of thin air? Because that’s all that’s wrong; the result of me being a mindless idiot.”

His laugh lit up his eyes even more. “Oh, Eiye. That’s the one thing I guess I cannie help ya with.”

They starred at each other for what seemed to be a long pause and then both laughed again; he blushed. She didn’t really want him to leave so she started to make some small talk and pointed to his outfit. “So, do you Scottish boys wear those kilts every day?”

“Agh, no! I hate this monkey suit. Just got back from a swanky Christmas’doo and unfortunately, it was the only thing I owned that was nice enough! I had ta’ be the token Scotsman in a kilt ya know, right?”

“Why do you hate it? You look fantastic in it!”

“Awe thanks. Must be me sexy legs!” He lifted one of his legs in the air and then almost lost his balance. “But really! Just because I’m Scottish dunnie’ mean I must like kilts. I think they’re bloody rrridiculous!”

“Do you wear it the... you know... ‘traditional way’?”

“Uh, ya mean wi’no daks? Na! Not in this bloody weather. I’d freeze me nuts off! I’m wearing some adorrrable thermal boxer-briefs though.” He gave her an exaggerated wink.
That was it – the moment that he welcomed himself in. She had to take the chance while it lasted. “Wow, I’d sure like to see those! Speaking of freezing your nuts off – we wouldn’t want that now, would we? If you’re going to stay and keep me company while the auto club get here, you might as well hop in.”

He must have been younger than her by at least 10 years, if not more, but he wasn’t stupid and he knew exactly what she meant. “Wwwwell, I cannie’ get in the other side – it’s in a snow bank and I dunnie want to feel like you’re drivin’ me in a taxi, so you’ll hav’ta’ join me in the back seat now, won’t ya?”

Her heart began to pound. She knew what was about to happen and couldn’t believe it. Was it a dream? Did she fall asleep against the steering wheel? No; she was most definitely awake. She could feel the blood pounding through her body and swelling her clitoris as she jumping out of the driver’s seat.

Before she got into the back seat, he gently wrapped his arm around her back and brought her in close. “I’m Daniel, by the way.”
“Rachel.” And then he pulled her in tightly for a long, deep kiss. She could feel his erection though both his kilt and her jacket; it was huge and rock solid.

At that very moment, she didn’t have a husband of 13 years that ignored her for 12 of them; nor did she have 3 children that she loved, although would admit they were monstrously demanding and walked all over her. She didn’t have a mother that was overly critical; and neither did she have an alcoholic sister that used her as a crutch her entire adult life. No. At that moment, she was a beautiful woman that stood before a virile, sexy young man that wanted nothing more than to take her into the back of the car and make her scream with jubilation.

She sat down on the back seat and quickly released both front seats forward, so as to make room. There were a few of her last minute purchases lying around as well. She didn’t even care to see what they were – she kicked them aside. He climbed in towards her and his smile grew as he knelt down before her. She grabbed the back of his thighs, ran her hands up the back of his kilt, over his tight ass, and found the top of his boxer-briefs. “Oh yes, they are nice, aren’t they?!” He laughed for a second and then started kissing her again while she pulled his shorts down around his knees.

She grabbed a hold of his huge penis and started caressing it softly, and then harder and faster. He pulled off her sweater, snapped open her bra and began sucking on her nipples; they immediately responded by becoming hard. Every time he circled her nipple with his tongue, she moaned with pleasure. She had forgotten how euphoric foreplay was – it had been too long to even hazard to guess as to when she participated in it last.

He unbuttoned her jeans and yanked them, along with her panties, out from beneath her ass and she helped him along by kicking them off. She spread her legs wide open and he firmly grabbed a hold of each of her knees and then slowly ran his hands up to her inner thighs while leaning in to suck her throbbing vagina. She ran her fingers through his thick blonde hair while he pleasured her in ways that she had never known. He would gently run his tongue along the sides of her vagina, teasing, and then suck on her clit hard and deep, with his long tongue entering inside her and eagerly exploring.

Her body was inundated with ecstasy and it wasn’t long before the warm tingling sensation began to appear in her toes and spread to her thighs. “Daniel! Here I cum! Oh god! I’m going to cum!” Just as she was beginning to climax, he gave her one last deep suck and then thrust his incredibly hard penis inside of her. She was so wet that even with his size, it went in deep and effortlessly. She wrapped her legs around him as he pounded inside her with every ounce of sexual energy that he possessed. Her orgasm was intense and lasted longer than she had ever experienced before and her legs begun to shake.

His eruption was close. “I’m almost ready! Where de ye’ want me ta’ cum?” She could tell it was difficult for him to focus on communicating actual words at that moment. “I’ve had my tubes tied; cum inside me! It’s OK.” At that invitation, he slightly changed his angle and gained both depth and speed until he finally let out his own release of satisfaction. She screamed as he moaned, “Ohh! Fuuuucking fantastic!” He remained inside her for a few more moments and kissed her neck and breasts tenderly. He then slowly withdrew himself from her and sat down beside her. Her body was still in utter shock as to the pure elation it had just experienced and was still slightly quivering.

They both sat there catching their breath. Although they watched each other in admiration, they spoke nothing. He grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it like it was the single thing he loved most in the entire world. Just then lights appeared up ahead, coming towards them. They could soon make out that it was a service vehicle. He pulled up his underwear while she found her clothes and quickly re-dressed. He brought her in close one last time, gave her a wonderfully affectionate kiss and whispered, “That was unforgettable, Rachel. Merry Christmas.” He kissed her one last time and then exited the car and drove off just as the auto club arrived. She jumped out of the car to watch him drive away and out of her life – just as quickly as he has appeared. She kissed the back of her hand and smiled as she spoke to herself, “Merry Christmas to you too, Daniel.”


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