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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Santa Baby Contest Entry #4

The lights seem reflect a bit too bright in the mirror as I apply the lipstick to my lips,  making me squint in irritation and nervousness. I glance anxiously at my reflection, patting down my short , black skirt and adjusting my almost too small red corset. Everything seemed to be in order, not a hair out of place. I briefly considered leaving, quiting this whole endeavor, but knew that deep down I wanted to try this. I put the lipstick back into my small black clutch and take in a deep breath.  Taking a last look, I mutter to myself, “You can do this”. 

I step out of the bathroom, attempting to portray confidence to whoever might be looking my way. The heels I’m wearing feel a bit uncomfortable, my toes groaning in unfamiliar protest. Rayna had promised me a great time at the sex club, gushing about the gorgeous men, the sexy ambiance, and the guaranteed thrilling experiences. I have to admit, she was right about the ambiance. I had walked into a narrow, dimly lit room. The walls seemed almost black, with red and purple-lit fixtures placed carefully around the room.  Located on the walls within the room were large, almost looming doors with numbers fixed on them. A man to my right was watching me carefully, waiting to see what my choice was. He was one of four in the room, each placed between two doors. They were available to open whatever door I chose, whether the door was to their right or left.

I looked at a man to my left, noticing his freshly pressed red suit, made to resemble Santa, as if he was there to present a gift to the lucky boy or girl choosing a door. I inwardly chuckled at the theme they chose in honor of the holidays, at the almost complete ridiculousness of it all. I was supposed to chose a door, any door and go inside to whatever awaited me. Rayna had chosen number three and been spanked within almost an inch her life. She had also chosen number eight a few months ago and had been greeted with an orgy with both men and women. I wasn’t interested in pain or multiple partners, so I didn’t plan on choosing either of those doors. I continued to stand in the middle of the room, glancing from door to door, contemplating what each could hold. What if I chose the wrong one? What if I was unhappy with my decision? I quickly closed my eyes and pointed to the door of my choosing, announcing, “Number seven please” to the nearest gentleman.

He nodded, showing neither pleasure nor disappointment and opened the door. No light shown towards the hall like I expected, but instead it seemed too dark, almost ominous. I slowly walked into the doorway, glancing one last time to the indifferent man, jumping as he closed the door loudly behind me. I quickly realized I had been wrong, that the room wasn’t completely dark but rather lit by only a few candles. It was a relatively small, with a king size bed in the middle. It had only a red satin sheet placed on it, with some green pillows strewn around. The smell of vanilla and cinnamon permeated the room, filling my nostrils with the comforting scent. I was so entranced by the smell, I almost didn’t notice him. Not until he stepped out of the shadows from a corner, his intensity now impossible to ignore. He appraised slowly me and I took this opportunity to do the same. He was taller then most men,  lean but not too thin with medium length brown hair. He had a relatively sharp jaw line, with a generous and full mouth that seemed to almost smirk . His piercing dark eyes seemed to swallow me up, drinking their fill of my outfit, stopping on my breasts that seemed to swell under his gaze.

“I’ve never done this before.” I said, feeling the need to explain my existence to this gorgeous god-like creature.  My voice came out strained and breathy, as if even my throat couldn’t wait to be filled by him. His smirk became more pronounced and he advanced towards me, reaching for my hips. My knees grew weak as he pressed his mouth against mine, demanding me to yield. I accepted his dominance but met it with an equal hunger, my inhibitions disappearing into the shadows of the room. His hands reached under my skirt, cupping my ass, lifting me into the air. I responded by wrapping my legs around his waist, enjoying the hard lines and ridges his muscles created. Our kissing grew frantic and hot, my nails scraping along his back as he led us to the bed. I yelped in surprise as he threw me onto the soft, springy mattress, but quieted as soon as I saw him take his shirt off. I could feel myself getting wet, my pussy beginning to throb in longing for him. I reached for him, to lick him, fuck him, something. Instead, he quickly grabbed my hair, gentle but firmly pulling on it and shaking his head at me silently. I let my arms fall to my sides and let him bend down and reach between my skirt. He slide two fingers into my pussy, letting his thumb rub my clit in a slow motion. I moaned, relaxing almost instantly.  I opened my thighs for him, allowing easier access, enjoying the gentle probing of his fingers. I hesitantly reached for his pants, looking at him for permission. He nodded, prompting me to open his pants and slide them down, appraising the goods. His dick was hard and thick, not too long but seemed just right. I felt like Goldilocks, except I wanted to sit on his cock rather then sleep in a bed. I grabbed it with both of my hands and licked the tip, moaning again as he slide a third finger into my pussy, working up to a faster pace. I matched his rhythm with one of my own, wrapping my lips along his shaft, wetting his cock with my spit.

Suddenly he stopped and disappeared to behind me on the bed. Before I could look around, I felt my skirt lifted and his dick thrust deep inside me. I grit my teeth in a mix of pleasure and pain, relishing the full feeling he created. He started slowly, gripping my hips, kneading my ass with his thumbs. I began to whimper as I felt the pressure grow, felt myself become even more wet and lifted my ass for a better angle. He began to pump harder, gripping me even tighter and closer then before. I threw my head back in a loud moan and he reached forward with a hand, allowing me to suck on his finger while he fucked me. I heard his breathing grow heavier, his grunts becoming more pronounced. The force of his thrusts made echoing smacks around the room, hard enough to make me lose my balance. My arms fell out from under me and I face planted into the mattress, but he didn’t stop. He pounded me even harder, making me scream in muffled pleasure into the bed. It was almost too much, too much to handle, I don’t think I can handle…oh shit. My entire body was wracked with waves of an orgasm, flowing over me like a pure intense light. I vaguely heard him groan loudly and fall to the side of me in a heap.  I could barely move, my muscles feeling limp and useless.

After an unknown amount of time, I sat up and took in my surroundings. The bed was a mess, the pillows nowhere to be found. Some of the candles had burned out, making the room seem even darker but now less ominous. I looked down at my companion and allowed a whisper of a smile play upon my lips. His eyes were closed, his breathing deep, giving the appearance of sleep. Suddenly, his opened and fixed on eye on me, watching me again. We stared at one another for a few seconds and when it seemed like the silence would become too much, he said in a rumbling voice, “You were worth every penny.” I laughed out loud, suddenly noticing a sprig of mistletoe on the table by the bed. I leaned over his prone body to grab the leaf and held it inches from his sexy mouth. I bent down over him and smiled. “Want to go again?”


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Ladii Aponte said...

I loved this one very original very descriptive and easy to read.. now all I want for christmas is the guy from the story.. lol only for a good 30 minutes... thanks for sharing ( whoever you are lol)