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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Baby...

I slid out of bed quietly so I wouldn't wake you. You've had a really long week and I know you're tired. The hardwood floors are cold beneath my feet and I grab my fuzzy slippers from the closet to bump the temperature up on the thermostat.

The first thing I noticed was the unusual brightness in the living room. Then I realized it was coming from outside. Everything was covered in white. A smile spread across my face and I almost ran to wake you, but then I realized that if we were snowed in that meant we couldn't go to the family lunch.

I decided to let you sleep until you woke up, and then I'd have a little surprise for you. I smiled to myself as I turned on the gas logs in the fireplace and took one of your small presents out from under the tree. I very quietly went into the bathroom to shower, then I dusted powder across my nose.

I opened the present I'd bought you and slid into the silky red and black teddy, then added the matching robe. I'd planned to let you open it this morning, and then spend all day at your mother's imagining me in it tonight. Since we would be spending Christmas at home though, I'd rather give you the real present right away.

I peeked out into the bedroom to find you still asleep so I went into the living room and sat on the soft rug in front of the fireplace. Even in the skimpy lingerie I was warm in front of the fire. I waited there looking out the window at the beautiful white landscape and imaging how perfect this day would be. I've always wished that we could celebrate Christmas this way. Just you and me relaxing in front of the logs and enjoying our time with each other stress free.

I heard your phone ring and I was excited to realize I likely wouldn't have to wait much longer. You would likely see the time and rush out to see why I hadn't woken you up yet. I hear the sheets rustle as you checked the phone and I heard your feet hit the floor. I was smiling when you walked into the living room calling my name. You were wearing flannel pajama pants and nothing else. Your hair was tousled and you had a sexy disheveled look. Your gaze settled on me in front of the fire. There was confusion in your eyes at first, and then an appreciative gleam took it's place.

"We're snowed in." I said. You looked to the window for the first time to take in all of the white. Smiling you looked back to me and came to sit next to me.

"Merry Christmas." You said, leaning in to kiss me. I placed a hand against your chest for balance as I kissed you back. The warmth of the fire on my back was a contrast to your chilled hand resting against my cheek. I tilted my head to kiss you more deeply and you pulled me into your lap. I could feel you, hard beneath my ass. The silky teddy another contrast to the thick flannel of your pjs. I wrapped my arms around and and repositioned to straddle your lap.

You groan beneath me and I chuckle, knowing what this is doing to you. I can feel myself growing slick and wet as your hands slide up my rib cage to rest just beneath my breasts. I break the kiss on a sigh and stretch against you, the silky fabric sliding across my folds.

You roll me onto my back and pull the flimsy robe away. Pulling the thin strap down my shoulder you trail kisses from there to the top of my breast. Reaching behind me for the thin tie that keeps it pulled tightly, you loosen the fabric and it falls to my waist. My breasts bared for your kisses.

You slide the fabric completely away down my smooth legs and suck and lick at my nipples while your hand cups my mound. I buck against you and it's your turn to laugh. I reach for your pants, held up by an elastic waist and pull them down. You slide them away as well as you lay next to me on the soft rug.

Naked in front of the fire we touch and play. I wrap my hand around your erection and hear your gasp of pleasure. I want to take you in my mouth, but there will be plenty of time for that sort of play later on. Right now I just want to feel you inside of me.

I pull you towards me as I roll completely onto my back and you follow me. Bracing on your elbows above me, you line your hips with mine. With a soft mewl of pleasure I guide you to my entrance, and inch by inch you enter me slowly.

I'm so wet, and you feel so good inside of me. Once you're cock is buried inside of me I bring my legs to wrap around your waist and hold you close. You pulse in and out slowly, grinding against clit with each pass. Sighing and moaning with pleasure, I hold you tighter.

You begin to increase your speed, there's an urgency that I can recognize. I lift my hips higher, bringing my clit in closer contact with your pelvis as you thrust away. The sensation is so pleasurable, I could hang here at the edge of climax forever. I recognize your need though, and as you thrust I push back against you until I reach the edge and tumble over with my orgasm.

As I cry out and clench around you I feel your back straighten and your shoulders tense. A second later you come on a gutteral moan. I feel you spill inside of me and then relax above me. Allowing part of your weight to cover me you still stay on your elbows looking down into my face. You kiss me again, tucking my hair gently behind my ear.

I love the feel of you on top of me, inside of me. Just laying here this way was all I could want.

"Merry Christmas, Baby."


Lady Estrogen said...

I'd say that's a great way to spend Christmas ;)

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