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Friday, December 3, 2010

Just back away when I'm on the soap box...

BWS tips buttonIt's Friday!!! This week my Fuck Yous are all essentially work related.

Fuck You sick bastards who do horrible things to children who can't defend themselves. I had one really horrible day this week because I saw first hand what one ass wipe, waste of humanity did to a defenseless little girl.

Fuck You reality! Did you catch Private Practice last night? Yeah, that's real life. They pull shit like that with victims. You aren't a good witness and since you were afraid of your attacker at first (Gee, ya think?) We aren't going to arrest the bastard. It makes me really angry. Very angry actually and this week in particular I'm ready to grab a front row seat and watch these fucking asswipes rot in hell.

Aside from that (as though it isn't a big deal), I don't have anything. Actually, thanks to J-man, I'm walking around in an annoyingly happy cloud and I can't stop smiling. Check out Jana and Christy for the rest of the fuck yous this week!

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The holidays threw me off some, but I have some Amens for you! In case you missed it, two weeks ago I created this new little award I've decided to give out. I won't necessarily do it every week, but when I find a post that makes me say, "I was thinking the same thing! It's like they took the words right out of my mouth!!" Then I will be handing out some Amens :)


So this week I want to draw your attention to Jenny Jen over at Blonde Bronzed Twentysomething and her two part post on late night text messages.

Jenny Jen, I couldn't have said it better. Even if I've had to preach to myself before, this is dead on!


Just Jen said...

Isn't it amazing how a guy can put you on cloud 9??

Mad Mind said...

I think anyone who abuses a child in any way should just be thrown in a cell and left there for the rest of their life. 'Nuff said!

Wally J said...

We watch AMW regularly. Many times I want to go through the TV and choke some scumbag piece of crap that they are searching for. Lots of child abusers, wife beaters and such out there. Y'all be careful.

- Wally J

Boobies said...

I don't watch Private Practice, but a HUGE fuck you to sickos who hurt kids!!

Nanny said...

Totally agree with the sickos. This story line on Private Practice has me extremely on the fence. I'm sure it really happens and it's scary.

SB said...

that is why i have a hard time watching those shows, it seriously gives me nightmares for weeks. :(

i am happy to hear you are on cloud 9, how was the movie?