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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ginger's Flasher!

Posting Ginger's Flasher for her! So glad you played girl! Tell her how much you love it!


It has been a long day shooting random shots random places but this by far is my favorite. Although we are outside and I am freezing my ass off the mood is fun. Jack keeps looking at me and lusting with his big brown eyes. Maybe if I spread my legs a little more, oh now he wants me to lift my leg. Can he see how wet I am? He comes to pinch my nipples and teases my cheeks to make them more red. I lick my lips not sure what else to do to let him know I am ready to play.

It begins to snow and people are packing up to leave. Jack looks like he is taking his sweet time. As the last of the men drive off it is just Jack and me standing in the snow flurries wondering who should make the first move. I lifted my snow dress to reveal my plump ass and I slapped it. I have never seen a man move so fast but in the next moment Jack's warm hands were gripping my ass. I let out a moan in pleasure. He held me close to where I felt his hard cock ready to come out.

I shoved him back on the blanket and pulled his pants down My pussy was salivating at the sight. I straddled his legs lowering myself slowly onto him; closing my eyes as his thickness overtakes me. Damn this feels good! Jack wraps His hand around my waist and holds tight as I begin to ride. My breast bounce uncontrollably and he brings his hand up To pinch my nipples. Harder I scream circling my pussy around his cock. He thrusts deeper and starts sucking hard on my nipples and I begin to spasm in pure pleasure. Breathing heavy I lean down and whisper, "Your work here is done."



Nanny said...

Nice and Sexy! Thanks for playing Ginger.

Ladii said...

LMAO Love it! sounds similar to what I tell the Mr. Only I roll over and say Thanks baby Good Night haha he looks at me like hell naw what about me! Love it ginger ( straight to the point no forplay no nothing!)

The Invisible Seductress said...

Oh that lucky, big breasted, modeling in the snow gal!!!

SB said...

lol thanks! i was seriously waiting for people to say how incredibly cheesy it it ;)