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Friday, December 3, 2010

Flashers #3

Leslie walked out into the garage and turned down the stereo. Mark looked out from beneath the hood and raised an eyebrow. "Too loud?" He asked. She just nodded and walked down the stairs. Her mother was a pill. She never blamed him for hiding out here in the garage when she came over, Leslie just wished she could do the same.

He held a hand out and motioned for her to come closer. She sighed and stepped into his arms. He dropped a kiss on her forehead and hugged her close. "Just think, she goes home tomorrow." He laughed and pulled her just far enough away to smile down at her. Leslie smiled too. She looked at the poster on the wall and laughed. His buddy John bought it for him as a gag birthday gift last month, but Mark had come home and put it on the wall.

"I guess I better make sure she doesn't come out here to see your pin-up poster. I'd really never hear the end of it then." Leslie swatted his ass. He laughed and pulled her closer, closing his mouth over hers for a kiss. She grabbed onto his perfect butt with both hands and squirmed against him. He groaned. She wanted to be that girl on the poster for him. She wanted to strip down and let him fuck her against the old truck. Her mother had one of her headaches and was lying down. Maybe...

She reached for his belt and when his hands covered hers she let him take over and she pulled her cotton t-shirt over her head. He kicked off the pants and boxers and pulled his shirt over his head. She shimmied out of her own jeans and reached for him. God but she loved him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and walked her to the back of the truck. He lowered his head to lick her nipples and lifted her onto the tailgate. He crawled up behind her and covered her body with his own.

The ridges in the bed of the truck pressed against her back, but she didn't care. He kissed her again, and tested her folds with his fingers. She was ready, so ready. He slid into her and held her tight, pulsing slowly. Wanting to cry out, she bit her lip. He felt so good inside her, when they were like this it was so easy to forget everything else. Slowly he rocked her to climax and he covered her mouth with his own to stifle her cry. He picked up the pace until he came on a groan, spilling inside of her.

He tried to hold his weight off of her so as not to press her against the uncomfortable truck bed anymore than he already had. Smiling up at him she pulled him down for another long kiss before they got redressed. On her way back into the house she caught a glimpse of the poster and had a few ideas for the day her mother finally left.



Ladii Aponte said...

love it real hot Im horny lol! damn it since its Fawk you friday, FAWK YOU to the MR. for being at work lol!

Nanny said...

Hot hon. Loved it.