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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

21 Questions with Daisy

The would you rather version.

1. would you rather have a threesome with 2 guys and a girl, or 2 girls and a guy?
Two guys and me :)
2. Would you rather have complete sober sex or completely buzzed sex?
3. Would you rather have your toes sucked or your ears?
4. Would you rather screw George w Bush or Martha Stewart?
Ugh, really? I guess W, but I'd need to be really really drunk for that one.
5. Would you rather have morning sex or night sex?
Whenever there is more time ;)
6. Would you rather do it in the hot tub or big shower?
A big shower, better for positions!
7. Would you rather have no sex for a week or crappy sex for 2 weeks?
Tough one, once I've had crappy sex I'll have to get back to you ;)
8. Would you rather be with an experience person or nonexperienced?
Doesn't matter as long as their ready to hit the ground running now :)
9. Would you rather be naked in public or get caught by your parents?
hmm.... caught
10. Would you rather be with one person for the rest of your life or experience many?
I could be with one person for the rest of my life.
11. Would you rather be the dominant one or submissive one?
12. Would you rather have sex in a church or a funeral home?
Really? You can't deduce this one on your own?
13. Would you rather have texting sex or phone sex?
Phone sex, I can put it on speaker and have full use of my hands :)
14. Would you rather die a virgin or a hoe?
too late for the first one ;)
15. Would you rather post a picture of tits or ass?
16. Would you rather do it on the kitchen counter or in front of fire place with a roaring fire?
oooo that's tough. Can't I have both? I do like being warm though.
17. Would you rather have 30 minutes of foreplay which included a backrub or a 30 minute orgasm?
oh man, a 30 minute orgasm! That might kill me. While it would be a great way to go, I think I'd love a good backrub.
18. Would you rather be covered in chocolate or whip cream?
whip cream
19. Would you do it risky business style or Pretty woman style?
Hmm... I've never seen Risky Business :( So I guess I have to go with Pretty Woman.
Scene from Risky Business (google images)
20. Would you rather have sex with the cowardly lion or the wicked witch of the west?
WHAT!! I'd say the Lion as long as he's just a big guy in a fuzzy suit, cause I don't think I could deal with that pointy nose or green skin.
and lastly
21. Would you rather have an orgasm once every 20 seconds or once every 5 years?
So then a constant orgasm is what you're saying? I mean, mine last at least 20 seconds if not longer.... I guess for the sake of doing anything aside from orgasming, I'd have to go with 5 years.

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Boobies said...

Great answers...though I'm surprised you and Daisy both opted for a male/male/female threesome...interesting! ;)

I might have to do this...

Lady Grinning Soul said...

Haha, love this! Especially your answer to no. 13. Fabulous, and I am in complete agreement... I want my hands at my disposal.
LGS xx

Daisygirl said...

Totally 2 guys and me.....but not opposed to 2 guys and 2 girls either.

Laughing at number 14....haha! Crappy Sex sucks so go with the no sex for a week !

Thanks for linking up Hotness! Happy Hump Day!

badsoutherngirl said...

I love it!!! I've had "crappy sex", but it wasn't so bad, and it was still sex... ;P