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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wicked Dating

One Crazy Brunette ChickSo while I am still basking in the glow of a few really good dates, I've had a few duds. There was one particularly bad blind date in high school, but there's really no point going back that far.

I know you guys remember me talking about B? I met him online and thought he might be pretty cool even if he was a little shy. The first date was ok. Not super memorable, but not bad. But the second? Well that sucked. So what did I do? I let him take me on one more date. There was a movie I really wanted to see, and at this point, I figured I'd earned that much!

So we meet at the theater. He asked if I wanted anything from the concessions. No, of course not. If there was the remote chance that he was going to make a move in the theater I didn't want anything in my hands. (I may not have been interested but he wasn't unattractive and it had been a long time since I'd gotten any action.) Of course he still got something which defeated my purpose. He finally finished with his popcorn and got squirmy so I thought, oh good. So I gave a little shiver and ran my hands up my arms, commenting that it was chilly in there. What did he do? Well of course he agreed. Then proceeded to draw his arms into the arms of this short-sleeved tee for the rest of the movie. WHAT?

Then in the parking lot (this is the third date) he wants to ask me where I see this going. Am I looking for a serious relationship? I refrained from rolling my eyes, but seriously? We'd been on three dates and he wanted to know where I thought this was going?

So in response I held my hands out palms up and said, "Sweetie, I'm still waiting on you to make a move." I'm smiling, body language is totally open, did he do anything? Nope. He stammered around then said he wanted a relationship and still didn't try anything. I said we could be friends.

He continued coming around for a while and even managed to put an arm around me once, but he never kissed me or paid for anything again. Even now he'll message me at seven o'clock to see if I want to do something that night. Dude doesn't have social skills and someone needs to teach him, but that is soo not my job!

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On to the Naughty List!

1) Unfortunately I haven't been too naughty this week. I did let J feel me up in the parking lot at the movie Monday night. We got a few comments from this one couple that parked near us and we were too occupied to notice they'd walked up.

2) I've been doing some real cleaning at my house because I plan to be naughty in the near future ;)

3) I haven't been writing the way I should. The past two weeks of MWM have been kind of slow, but I'm going to do better. Work's been busy and I've been distracted by this new boy :)

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EnVii said...

What the hell .. how does a guy not know how to read body language.. and its like he was the girl and you were the guy!! geez someone needs to buy that man a hint or clue!

Sir Thomas said...

omg what a loser....

you give me that hint in the dark people might have been watching us instead of the movie..

Ladii Aponte said...

LMAO i dont have that much patience i would have blurted out can you just fucke me damn it! i give out subtle signs and if that dont work i just say ok so you gon fuck me or not... ugh go read mine The mr. read it and hes all over it laughing he knew this story but not in detail!