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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Second Date...

So, I had a date last night. It was actually a second date. I try not to bore you all with every detail of my somtimes mundane life. I try to wait until there is something to tell. So I've talked about my online dating adventures before. I was looking at this one profile that had no pictures a few weeks ago, and I was thinking to myself. This guy sounds great, I wish I could see a picture. So I told him as much.

A few days later I get another profile in my little list that looks nearly identical, but there is a picture. Now the picture is a little grainy and the lighting isn't the best, but the guy actually looks kinda cute. So I sent a message that was something like, "I know it may be an odd question but do you have two profiles on here?"

The response was yes. Short relatively funny story, but it was the same guy. So we started chatting back and forth very casually at first. We actually started talking the Thursday before Halloween. We went back and forth for about a week then made plans to get dinner, with the mention that if things went well he'd go to the band's show with me that night too.

Guys, he was really great. I think he's so cute, and he's super sweet. We had a great dinner and went on to the show. He got to meet some of my friends and his sense of humor and personality fit right in. He had a good time and so did I and I got a really great goodnight kiss.

I talked to him some more over the weekend and then he asked me to a movie for last night. I, of course, said yes. So we grabbed a quick dinner then went to see RED. I've really been wanting to see that movie so I was excited.

So he did at some point very casually curl me into him and traced my wrist tattoo. Can I just say that the fact that he likes my tattoos is something that excites me a litte?

When the movie was over and we were out in the parking lot we started making out like teenagers. I let him feel me up a little then basically I had to figure out what to do. Inviting him home would have been awkward because I live so far out and it was already ten o'clock. I could have suggested that we hop in the back of my car but I had boxes back there so that wasn't going to work either. In the end we said goodnight. Both of us saying we had a 'great' time and promising to do it again very soon.

I couldn't tell you the last time I've enjoyed a guy this much. I honestly feel like a horny teenager. I could feel his excitement against my thigh and I was so wet when I got home.

I was a good girl though, and I've definitely held out for my three date rule. Acutally it isn't my rule. I don't know where it came from. But if it works for Missie it works for me ;)


Ladii Aponte said...

Awww Yay babe I sadly went to bed with no sex either i wanted it but i was mad and ready to cut the mr. lol read the post but I woke up had sex and well my handy dandy toy has helped me twice today already and its onli 8:30 lol yea ok i have a problem Im begining to think so DAMN IT! Glad all things went great Its so hard to control those urges i remember making the Mr. Beg for it lol

Sir Thomas said...

you drove?

Just Jen said...

It's always better when you hold off. Unless you are just looking for sex...

Ginger said...

awesome!! so when is the next date ;p