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Monday, November 29, 2010

Santa Baby Contest Entry #2

The Solstice has always been my favorite holiday. I love the fact that when all my friends are lamenting the early sunsets, I am celebrating the return of the sun.

My Solstice celebrations are simple. Snow and ice drive us inside at this time of year but we still keep vigil all night to welcome back the sun in the morning. I light candles all around the house. Every room has a distinct scent. The living room smells like vanilla while the dining room is covered in the smell of baked apples. Upstairs the bedrooms feature pine and cinnamon.

My lover's mouth tastes like chocolate. I settle against her on the couch. I hear other couples moving about, finding the rooms and the scents that inspire them. I love this combination of the smell of vanilla and the taste of chocolate. My hands find her breasts. I push her back against the pillows. She opens herself to me easily. Willingly. My fingers slide beneath her dress. She is naked underneath. I pleasure her with my fingers while my lips kiss her lips and neck and ears. I sense a presence in the doorway. They watch us. I know my lover excites them as she arches her back and moans. She loves to be watched. It brings her orgasm quickly. I stop her from pleasuring me right now. I want to wait. I want the excitement to build. I want to check in with my guests.
A couple in the dining room is feeding each other bites of chocolate dusted with chile powder. Upstairs the scent of cinnamon drifts out of an open bedroom door. A man watches as a couple fucks on the bed. He strokes himself slowly and smiles at me. I know that he is waiting for his turn for pleasure and enjoying the sight of that beautiful woman and man. I leave them.

In the other bedroom the pine candles backlight a couple. They are kissing so passionately that they don't notice that I was there. Their bodies intertwine so I'm not sure where one ends and one begins.

I make my way back downstairs to my lover. She feeds me a bite of chocolate. She licks a drop off the corner of my mouth. Then she turns her attention to the rest of me. I settle back against the couch with a sigh of pleasure. Tomorrow we will welcome back the sun but tonight we celebrate the darkness.



Ladii Aponte said...

Sounds like something i want to celebrate! lol the Darkness, let me tell my husband that tonight we celebrate darkness

The Invisible Seductress said...

Hitting all the senses....yumm